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DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Everything is coming up Bob Levy.

I was up early ass ball all this week writing for The Kidd Chris Show which just moved to mornings. If you haven’t heard the show you’re missing out on some good shit. Aside from the usual retards and ball busters we’re got all new bits; people really dig “Kidd Chris Unplugged.”

This week also marks the last week I’ll be living in my ex-wife’s basement. I’m moving out this Thursday to my new place with my fiancĂ©e, Chrissy. I must be the only dick head that goes from a house to an apartment. The whole thing is sad and exciting. Sad because, well, this is my house god damn it and exciting cause the future looks bright for once.

For instance; everything is tops at the Comedy Club. We’ve got some big acts coming through, in fact Artie Lange’s shows are already sold out. If you get a chance to come by you’ll love it, it’s a fucking party there every week. Thank god I’m not drinking anymore because I would probably die there.

Joe Fernandes and my old buddy Geno Bisconte came by this weekend. We had a great time with great crowds and then after we karaoke at the bar. A few of the waitresses jumped up on the tables and started dancing and giving out shots and the place went nuts. Lotta ugly comedians at my club but we’ve got the hottest waitresses. And hot chicks dancing on tables gets other hot chicks all wild and then they jump up and start dancing on tables. Everyone had a blast, it was a wild night.

So wild that when I got back to the hotel I figured I could use a little manual release (thank you, HotMovies) and shot a huge load on the rug of my room. I had to rub it in with my boot, it was so big it looked like someone spilled a bottle of milk on the floor. I ended up leaving the maid 10 bucks cause I felt bad. She was gonna have to put a considerable amount of effort into cleaning my kids off the rug.

We got some good news over at Miserable Men this week when Colin Quinn and Jim Florentine called in. Jim might be back full time with us soon. This Sunday we’ll be on 4-6 est time to do a pre-Super Bowl show.

But the biggest “w” in the Levy column is that I kicked the Xanax; trying to get my shit together and feel better. I’m still on Clonazepam for 30 days and then I go dry.

Next time we talk I might finally have my head on straight.

Go Giants.

-The Reverend Bob Levy

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