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DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Well, it’s a new year and I’m just getting back from the AVN Awards in Vegas with some of the guy from Stern; Artie Lange, Richard Christy, Benji Bronk and the guys from Howard TV. I got in Thursday morning and headed to the Luxor Hotel where Jeff Beacher got me and my fiance a room. The room was huge; he got us one off the biggest suites there - size of a house.

So, the next morning we hit breakfast and gambled a little. Well, Chrissy played craps, I didn’t know how the fuck to play that game so I just watched and diddled myself… like most of the activities we enjoy together. She lost a few bucks but won it all back when I wasn’t around, I guess my bad luck is contagious.

Jeff threw us an engagement party at the Cathouse Restaurant in the Luxor with the whole gang. We had a great dinner, Pauly Shore showed up along with Robin Leach. After that we hit some bar in the hotel called Liquidity in the same casino - fancy shit. The people that run the Luxor made a huge cake for us and we hung there for a while before going to the Penthouse Club. Chrissy really wasn’t into going to a strip club but she’s a trooper and went anyway.

But it can’t all be fun and games; next day me and Yucko hit the convention floor before the AVN awards and met up with Howard TV. The convention was packed with porn stars, I haven’t seen that much pussy since my grandmother went senile. We went to a booth that had a riding bull and they got Benji to ride it in his underwear with 2 gay porn stars. I can’t wait to see it on Howard TV. Benji was so gay about it he made the other two guys uncomfortable. Later on we ran into Tommy Gunn and Kimberly Kane who starred in my movie along with co-writer Dan Davis.

By then it was time for the AVN’s. We headed into the event, did a few interviews and sat down in the 3rd row. The show started late but Greg Fitzsimmons came out and did a great 15 minute bit on the awards. My movie was up for Best Comedy and I was up for Best Non Sex Actor and Savanna was up for Best Actress and Best 3-Way along with Evan Stone and Kimberly Kane.

The only thing I left with was my dick in my hand. My movie won nothing, it was a little disappointing. I look at it this way; if I had won it would have looked funny walking through the airport with a huge golden cock trophy.

All in all it was a great weekend, a lot of fun and a lot laughs. I would like to thank Jeff Beacher, Dan the Song Parody Man and The Luxor for everything they did for us. I had a great time. Also I really wanna thank Vivid and AVN for a great show and a great experience on Stood Up.

-The Reverend Bob Levy

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