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Exclusive First Look - The Promoter

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, January 23, 2008 ,
I just viewed an exclusive preview of the brand new web series from the Killers of Comedy, "The Promoter". This is a reality show that follows promoter, Sequoia Slentz as he goes from booking bands in a dive bar, to setting up a huge show for the Killers of Comedy, overnight. Besides Sequoia, the show stars The Reverend Bob Levy, Beetlejuice, The Iron Sheik, and all the other favorites from the Howard Stern Show. I absolutely loved the whole thing, especially the idea of seeing all these great Comedians in a "Reality" setting, which is something we really haven't seen before.
Sequoia contacted me a while ago in search of a production company in LA, so I set him up with 3rd Floor Films (, which is run by Tom Ragazzo and Michael Maccarone, who is an old friend of mine. Michael is one of the only people who can say that he has played the role of Howard Stern, as he played Howard as a kid in the smash hit "Private Parts", including one of the best scenes in the film, the infamous puppet show. Now years later, him and Tom run 3rd Floor Films, and have produced several very high-quality internet sketches, and Tom himself has worked on several reality shows. It's my job to promote the "Promoter", and I figured who better to handle the production than a REAL Stern fan! To top if off, these guys are pros, and it's always cool to get a professionally produced show for the web, since it doesn't happen too often at all.
So again, I'm thrilled with how it came out, and I really do think the fans will greatly appreciate the series. It's a great concept, that really came to life on screen, that keeps you laughing and interested throughout the entire episode. This is the first of many Original series that we'll be posting on The Killers Youtube Channel, which we're hoping is going to be the future "minor league" to Howard TV! I'm going to work on getting a preview up as soon as possible, but we're anticipating for the actual release to be on the Sunday after the Superbowl, so we'll keep you posted.
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