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The Top 15 Comedians of All Time

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, February 25, 2008

Forget about the post below this one, blogger Dan Taft may know a lot of random stuff, and his lists are usually pretty solid, but that one was pretty crappy. I also feel the need to list 15 because there are just way too many greats that I can't leave out. My lists are also in descending order, which makes them much more enjoyable. So without further ado, he's the CORRECT list of the Top 15 Comedians of All Time...

15. Greg Fitzsimmons - I became aware of Greg from his great appearances on the Stern show, but the guy is actually a really solid comedian. He also has his own show on Howard 101 on Sirius Radio which is one of the best weekly shows on the channel.

14. The Reverend Bob Levy - The backbone of the Killers of Comedy, I think Bob is officially the first illiterate comedian. Besides eating blue cheese out of girl's asses every night on stage, I've seen the Rev with a solid hour and a half of non-stop hilarity. Somebody give this guy an HBO special already.

13. Artie Lange - Speaking of HBO specials, Artie's must be coming any day now. Besides his classic dvd "It's the Whiskey Talking", he has to be consistently funny on a daily basis on the Stern show, and he comes through every single time. Fi-yaaaaaa!

12. Lisa Lampenelli - Definitely the funniest female comedian of all time, sorry Roseanne. Besides her act being great, she is one of the best roasters, and roastees ever. She takes a joke like no other, and is right there to fire back instantly.

11. Colin Quinn - The former host of Tough Crowd, which was Comedy Central's best show that they pre-maturely axed, twice. His monologue was on point every single night, and Colin has the best reactions of any comedian when a joke bombs. His humor is very different, so he does have jokes fail quite often, but they usually end up being even funnier that way.

10. Dave Attell - Another host of a Comedy Central show that ended way too soon, Insomniac. That show really showcased how funny he was, coming up with gold right on the spot. Every special I've seen from him is consistently solid, and he's one of the best at making fun of himself.

9. Sam Kinison - If Kinison didn't pass away pre-maturely who knows where he would've been on this list. His extreme anger turned to humor will never be matched. I know his stand-up is absolutely brilliant, but he's before my time, so I really know him from Stern, and his classic appearance on Married With Children. He's in my opinion the 2nd-best guest in the history of the Stern show, very close to #1.

8. Andrew Dice Clay - Hickory Dickory Dock... The Dice man may have been horrible on his VH1 reality show, but the guy knows stand-up. He was the first comedian to do shows in arenas, which is still a rarity to this day. People got tired of his shtick, but I still think he's one of the greatest.

7. Rodney Dangerfield - I feel I need to give Rodney some respect. He's the king of one-liners, and also a guy who gave a ton of these comedians their first breaks on his Young Comedian HBO specials. Every other line out of his mouth is a punch-line, and a freakin incredible one at that.

6. Gilbert Gottfried - I know what you're thinking... How the hell did Gilbert Gottfried get on this list? I know most people can't stand his voice, but if you do get past it, he's one of the raunchiest, most horrible people to ever grace the stage, which only adds to his charm. He really made it this high on the list because he's hands-down the best guest in the history of the Howard Stern Show. His Seinfeld and Dice impressions are the best in the business.

5. Eddie Murphy - You know this is a tough list to make if he's coming in at #5. For those of you who forgot, Dr. Doolittle provided us with some of the greatest stand up specials of all time. His style is somewhat modeled after Richard Pryor, but still very much his own brand, that is incredible. Pick up "Delirious" for a solid hour and change of non-stop laughter.

4. Jerry Seinfeld - I feel like people often forget about how good Jerry really is, due mainly to his prolific tv show. "Who are these people?" I know he's a little too Jewish for some, but his special, "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" is still hysterical to me after seeing it a minimum of 100 times.

3. Richard Pryor - He is the definition of "naturally funny". Pryor always seemed to flow on the stage like no other ever had, or ever will have. He was ahead of my time, and his own for that matter, but I of course must point out his genius. He influenced all of the greats, and could easily come in at 1 or 2.

2. George Carlin - I absolutely love Carlin, the comedian with the most longevity out of anyone in the history of the business. Although some of the guys he beat out on this list may have a better performance or two, he's the only person ever to have that many hours of material. Even if you took out half of his body of work, he'd still have more content than just about anyone.

1. Chris Rock - I don't know how he didn't even make it to Dan's top 10 list. Most people automatically say Pryor is #1, but I'm new school and I got to give it to CR. His 3 HBO specials have all been classics, but "Bigger and Blacker" is hands down the funniest stand-up special that I've ever seen.

Honorable Mention - Don Rickles, he should've been on this list somewhere, as he's one of the all-time greats, but I'm sure I left out a couple more.

EDIT: Damn! I forgot about Dave Chappelle, and I think he should be as high as #4, maybe #5, so move everyone after that one spot down.
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