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DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy Monday, March 3, 2008

Yesterday was a mess, sorry I had to bail on you guys. Hope you enjoyed the first episode of The Promoter.

Well, I finally got my front tooth fixed, thank God. I looked like a sexually frustrated pervert for a week and the dentist built me a new tooth in less than an hour. I was so happy I almost came in my pants. Going to the dentist aint so bad when you get the gas and a hand job.

Me and the Kings of Comedy were in Baltimore Friday for 2 shows. On the first show some chic made out with Beetle Juice it was great, the crowd went nuts and me and Shuli almost threw up.

Next day we were in Pitman, NJ. It’s a dry town, no booze at all. Driving around I saw nothing but reasons to drink. It’s like a city out of the Depression. Their were homeless people and tumble weeds everywhere. The theater was great though, acts like Abbott and Costello played there and now us scum bags filled the place. Despite the lack of liquor we had a great show, we couldn’t get a chic to come up for Beetle to eat her ass so Sal the Stockbroker came running out with blue cheese in his ass and chased Beetle Juice around the stage.

Sunday was my son’s 9th birthday and it was gonna be the first time my fiancee met my ex-wife. They greeted each other like boxers, said hello and backed up to their corners. There’s an equal chance that either on might throw the first punch so I tried to position myself between the two all day. It was a little weird but everyone played nice and my son had a ball.

Then I was off to New York for Miserable Men and right back home to do Kidd Chris on Monday. We premiered another woman beating song parody. The Philly audience loves it, go figure. I’m fucking drained now. Gotta hit the dentist again and see what else has to be done to this goofy tooth. I’ve got a gig in Florida on Thursday that I don’t even wanna think about yet and then my comedy club with Shuli and Riley Martin this weekend. Then Miserable Men again next Sunday from 7-9 before we take over Mondays Scott Ferrall from 8-12 while he’s on vacation. (Damn, I could use a vacation myself.) I also was contacted to do Celebrity Boxing, more on that later.

Now, I gotta go talk to my downstairs neighbor. There’s been some friction since I moved in. So, if you catch my ugly mug in the news papers tomorrow then you’ve got the inside scoop on why I’m in jail.

See ya next week, kids, I need a fucking nap

-The Reverend Bob Levy

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