Mylo the Angry Cat Part 20 - Major Announcement

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, November 9, 2010 , , ,
In the dramatic conclusion continued from Episode 19, Mylo the Cat makes a major announcement at a live press conference.

*Spoiler Alert* - The major announcement is that Mylo the Cat is officially running for the first ever, President of Youtube.

Campaign Speech - I plan on putting an end to the awful vlogs and comedy sketches. I plan on putting a stop to the horrendous cover songs. But most importantly, I plan on continuing my stance of being a man (i mean cat) of the people. I promise to look out for all you small-time Youtubers, and for once give you a voice. I promise to make it so the top channels, are actually ones with talent. And I promise that if by some miracle, I get a little taste of fame, that I won't turn into a complete douche...I might turn into a partial douche, or at most, a half-douche though. But either way, one thing I will never stop is hating. I can't stop hating!
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