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Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, January 16, 2007
We entered a couple of our videos in the youtube "how-not-to" contest. All you have to do is click the links below, and click "i like it" on the video page...

How-not-to Dance

How-not-to Play Basketball

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Write-up in The Mag

Peter Toh Monday, January 15, 2007 , , ,
The-Mag is one of the most respected online music magazines in the UK, and the rest of the world. They contacted me to re-send them "Truly in Love", and I asked them to check out my two new songs on my myspace page, "Runner" and "Sweaty Night". It turns out that they liked them a lot, and gave me the following review...

(The one factor that made me listen up when I put on this record was the slick vocal that permeates the first track, "Runner". Peter Toh may be from Brooklyn, but his voice resides somewhere altogether more relaxed and airy.

Once you've settled into to the great vocal, you're treated to a guitar lead, but trumpet-punctuated song that updates the brat-pack by a good 50 years or so. It's indie with a touch of world pop about it and it's got a great urban feel.

"Sweaty Night" is a similar idea, but with the indie aspect displaced by an old school reggae sound. The brass instruments make a more prominent impact on this song, drifting their counter-melody amongst the parts of the track that have a vocal.

Peter Toh has fluently adapted his ideas to suit two quite different tracks, leaving an undeniable fingerprint throughout the songs.)

I would like to give many thanks to The-Mag and to Steve for such a great review! For the direct link to the article, click here.

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