Coma - "Grey"

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, October 22, 2008 , ,
An acoustic version of "Grey" by Coma. This is a member of Hidden Track TV's extended fam...

A while back, a kid walked directly into my apartment and asked "who's the kid with the studio." When I reluctantly answered, he sat down in it and demanded that a mic be set up and a beat get played. This being totally out of the ordinary I obliged. He just let his voice go over whatever came his way. Giving me chills every few bars. He picked up an acoustic and played Deftones songs better than any acoustic Deftones performance I've heard.

Here is the first official Hidden Track TV broadcast of Steve Hall AKA Coma. Let this be a similar introduction that I had to this emmense raw talent. You can here his recordings at ENJOY!

Best Catch Ever (Football)

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, October 21, 2008 , ,
Adam Schleichkorn of Hidden Track TV has just officially made the best catch ever in the history of football!

Song titled "Empire" by Peter Toh -


Dancing Doggies

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, October 20, 2008 , ,
Lola and Mia are... the Dancing Doggies. These two real-life sisters have been inspired by Mylo and Lulu (the Kitty Criminal, and the Kitty Cat Dolls) to show their amazing talents to the world. They're dancing to the song "More" by their favorite artist, Peter Toh, which is available on Itunes

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