Viral Video of the Day (3/1/08)

Adam Schleichkorn Saturday, March 1, 2008 ,

Kevin Borseth Rant

Kevin Borseth, U of Michigan Girls Baksetball coach, upset about officiating, and offensive rebounds...It's 3:30 AM, I'm about to go to bed, and this is all over ESPN. It only has 2,000 views on Youtube so far, but I'm predicting this to be huge! Besides becoming the next great Viral Video, you can put your money on this being re-played on ESPN for years.


Dude Tossed in a Basketball Game

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, February 29, 2008 , ,
This guy gets tossed to the ground in a basketball game, and the refs start ejecting people. Featuring a cameo by the Worst Basketball Player Ever, and the Basketball in the Face Guy.


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Viral Video of the Day (2/29/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Lindsay Lohan Falls Over While Leaving Villa.

Wait for it...Bahhhhhhhh! This clip of Lindsay Lohan falling right before entering her car couldn't be more hilarious to me, but for some reason, all the clowns on Youtube actually feel bad for her! Wahhh, I fell. This clip is rated 1 star, which further proves that the morons watching Youtube videos couldn't recognize gold, if it fell right in front of their faces.


Fan Asks the Iron Sheik for an Autograph

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, February 28, 2008 ,
A fan asks the Iron Sheik for an autograph, and of course manages to piss him off. Let's just say that if you ever meet the Sheik, you'd be better off not even making a reference to Hulk Hogan. For more Killers Videos go to To book the Iron Sheik Contact Eric Simms at


Viral Video of the Day (2/28/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Gary Busey is a Lunatic

This clip is absolutely priceless! Gary Busey at an Oscar Party getting interviewed by an 11 year old girl, and then berates her. Just remember during his rant, that an 11 year old is asking him these questions, and he treats her like she's Stuttering John!


Write-Up on Peter Toh's "Missing Link" (Wildlife Demo)

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, February 27, 2008 , ,
The new demo has been up on Toh's Myspace for a day, and there's already a write-up! Ok, I may or may not have sent the link directly to these guys because I know they're big fans, but either way they came through! In all seriousness though, the post is from the site We Wore Masks, which is one of the coolest music blogs out there. So cool in fact, that it's one of the few sites we rep proudly in our Link List, on the sidebar of this page.

Here's the Post Below, or you can CLICK HERE for the original....

Peter Toh "Missing Link"(Wildlife Demo)

our boy toh is at it again.

i'm really starting to get excited for his upcoming full length, wildlife, with every demo he posts. this new track (posted on his myspace) is no exception. "missing link" is about as smooth and natural as it gets. there's a wonderful juxtaposition between a straight forward beat/loop, soulful mid range melodies, and delicate musical intricacies blended throughout the song. dude's really starting to find his stride in the world of art and music. hopefully it's only a matter of time before the music community catches on. tell your friends to put down their akon records and tune them in to a real soulful dude.

listen to "missing link" on peter's myspace.

- panda

Top 10 Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of

Dan Taft
I am a movie buff. I know about movies you've never even heard of. Interested? Here are 10 movies you've never heard of, (or at least haven't seen), that are better than the 10 movies YOU would list as the 10 best movies of all time. And yes, I am that pretentious.

1. Old Boy (action/foreign)- A Korean flick better than any Bruce Lee movie ever made, because it actually has a plot. Make sure you watch it in Korean with the subtitles on, otherwise it will be ruined. RUINED! Heed my word.

2. Buffalo 66 (Drama/Independent)- Ah, Vincent Gallo. This is by far his best film; Christina Ricci, Angelica Houston- need I say more? Quite different than the Albany spinoff, Buffalo 69.

3. Mysterious Skin (Drama/Independent)- If you can stop being such a gay-bashing homo for a couple of hours, this is one of the most emotional, heart-wrenching movies of all time. The story is woven masterfully, and the acting is great. This flick, however, is not for the weak at heart.

4. 13 Conversations About 1 Thing (Drama/Independent)- Just a good fuckin movie.

5. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Foreign/Drama)- Okay, you've probably heard about this movie- but have you seen it? I thought not. Go rent it, because this is a bonafide 4 star classic.

6. Melinda & Melinda (Comedy)- Okay, you got me. You might have heard of this one too. But have you seen it? Oh, I did that already, never mind. Seriously though, this is probably both Will Farrell and Woody Allen's best film.

7. Chuck and Buck (Comedy, but not really)- Have some fun and place this movie in the children's section after you return it. You're sure to traumatize at least 1 child.

8. May (Horror)- This movie had just a touch of cheese, but overall, it's a great horror flick that's genuinely creepy. Definitely worth renting.

9. The Vanishing (Foreign/Horror)- Please make sure not to get the American version with Keefer Sutherland, because it is a cheap knockoff and it sucks big, fuzzy balls. The original Dutch version, on the other hand, has one of the most terrifying scenes in movie history.

10. Jacob's Ladder (Drama/Suspense)- Okay, you've heard of this movie. You may have even seen it. But when was the last time you saw it? Do yourself a favor and see it again, as it is arguably my favorite flick of all time, as well as being one of the most blatantly copied films of all time. It also is one of the creepiest movies of all time. And I am the coolest person of all time.



Viral Video of the Day (2/27/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Marriage Proposal Rejected at BasketBall Game

Take note on how NOT to propose! This totally could be fake, and I hope for his sake, it is! The girl does look way out of his league, and there could be some bad acting in there, but with that said, it could be just HORRIBLE embarrassment.


New Song "Missing Link" Posted on Myspace

Peter Toh Tuesday, February 26, 2008 ,

This is another demo for my upcoming album "Wildlife." This song is the sister song to the opening track to the album, both songs being unlike the others on the album. They are different because they are built on one simple loop of music that repeats the whole time. I get carried away with arrangement most of the time and will rearrange songs to death, but Missing Link was just a steady stream of consciousness that popped into my head on a walk, and kept repeating itself all the way home, where I entered a tempo on my computer and recorded a quick loop.

The song was inspired by nature, silent and strong. Withstanding our every attempt to destroy her, with style and grace. But the earth is running out of patience and we'd be ignorant to think she's not strong enough and smart enough to gracefully and effortlessly expel us as if we never even lived here. Like a beat that never stops, her deep melody weaves in and out of whatever gets in her way, never being silenced by the cheap manmade walls of the modern world.

Like I said it was inspired by our relationship with our living home, but not about it. These lyrics, like all of my lyrics, are intentionally left open for interpretation, and I hope these are no exception. The juxtaposition between us (man and earth) is subtle to everyday life, but extreme when analyzed. People are so good at being oblivious to those around them, including eachother, that we claw our way to the top ignoring who gets knocked down a rung on the ladder, or how week we're making our own ladder by piling on.

I used nothing but a guitar and a Sure SM57 microphone plugged directly into my Macbook through an Apogee Duet.
I tracked, edited and mixed and mastered this track completely in Logic 8.

Besides the technical difficulties, I enjoyed recording this song and I enjoy listening to it. It's simple yet packed with little treats. It's intentionally cyclical but it takes me somewhere, feeling nature's breeze come through the buildings and sweeping the dirt from the sidewalks. So I decided to post it for a short time. Enjoy!

Yak Ballz - Live at the Halftime Show ft. C. Chan

Yak Ballz and C. Chan (Slow Suicide Stimulus) spit live in the studio at the Halftime Radio Show, WNYU. Scifentology II available now on Itunes


Hidden Track TV Featured on Revver!

Adam Schleichkorn ,
The good people over at have Hidden Track TV as a Featured Video Creator on their main page! They put it up yesterday, and it's going to remain there for the entire week. Be sure to check out our channel, which is

Here's "A Quick Cheesing", which of course is 11 seconds of Intense, Fast-Paced Cheese to the Face.


Viral Video of the Day (2/26/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Jimmy Kimmel's I'm F@cking Ben Affleck

2 mins in you get a star studded video w/ Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Pete Wentz, Perry Farrell, Those Losers from Good Charlotte, Lance Bass, Huey Lewis, Josh Groban, McLovin, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, and Dominic Monaghan, and Meatloaf and probably a few more.


The Top 15 Comedians of All Time

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, February 25, 2008

Forget about the post below this one, blogger Dan Taft may know a lot of random stuff, and his lists are usually pretty solid, but that one was pretty crappy. I also feel the need to list 15 because there are just way too many greats that I can't leave out. My lists are also in descending order, which makes them much more enjoyable. So without further ado, he's the CORRECT list of the Top 15 Comedians of All Time...

15. Greg Fitzsimmons - I became aware of Greg from his great appearances on the Stern show, but the guy is actually a really solid comedian. He also has his own show on Howard 101 on Sirius Radio which is one of the best weekly shows on the channel.

14. The Reverend Bob Levy - The backbone of the Killers of Comedy, I think Bob is officially the first illiterate comedian. Besides eating blue cheese out of girl's asses every night on stage, I've seen the Rev with a solid hour and a half of non-stop hilarity. Somebody give this guy an HBO special already.

13. Artie Lange - Speaking of HBO specials, Artie's must be coming any day now. Besides his classic dvd "It's the Whiskey Talking", he has to be consistently funny on a daily basis on the Stern show, and he comes through every single time. Fi-yaaaaaa!

12. Lisa Lampenelli - Definitely the funniest female comedian of all time, sorry Roseanne. Besides her act being great, she is one of the best roasters, and roastees ever. She takes a joke like no other, and is right there to fire back instantly.

11. Colin Quinn - The former host of Tough Crowd, which was Comedy Central's best show that they pre-maturely axed, twice. His monologue was on point every single night, and Colin has the best reactions of any comedian when a joke bombs. His humor is very different, so he does have jokes fail quite often, but they usually end up being even funnier that way.

10. Dave Attell - Another host of a Comedy Central show that ended way too soon, Insomniac. That show really showcased how funny he was, coming up with gold right on the spot. Every special I've seen from him is consistently solid, and he's one of the best at making fun of himself.

9. Sam Kinison - If Kinison didn't pass away pre-maturely who knows where he would've been on this list. His extreme anger turned to humor will never be matched. I know his stand-up is absolutely brilliant, but he's before my time, so I really know him from Stern, and his classic appearance on Married With Children. He's in my opinion the 2nd-best guest in the history of the Stern show, very close to #1.

8. Andrew Dice Clay - Hickory Dickory Dock... The Dice man may have been horrible on his VH1 reality show, but the guy knows stand-up. He was the first comedian to do shows in arenas, which is still a rarity to this day. People got tired of his shtick, but I still think he's one of the greatest.

7. Rodney Dangerfield - I feel I need to give Rodney some respect. He's the king of one-liners, and also a guy who gave a ton of these comedians their first breaks on his Young Comedian HBO specials. Every other line out of his mouth is a punch-line, and a freakin incredible one at that.

6. Gilbert Gottfried - I know what you're thinking... How the hell did Gilbert Gottfried get on this list? I know most people can't stand his voice, but if you do get past it, he's one of the raunchiest, most horrible people to ever grace the stage, which only adds to his charm. He really made it this high on the list because he's hands-down the best guest in the history of the Howard Stern Show. His Seinfeld and Dice impressions are the best in the business.

5. Eddie Murphy - You know this is a tough list to make if he's coming in at #5. For those of you who forgot, Dr. Doolittle provided us with some of the greatest stand up specials of all time. His style is somewhat modeled after Richard Pryor, but still very much his own brand, that is incredible. Pick up "Delirious" for a solid hour and change of non-stop laughter.

4. Jerry Seinfeld - I feel like people often forget about how good Jerry really is, due mainly to his prolific tv show. "Who are these people?" I know he's a little too Jewish for some, but his special, "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" is still hysterical to me after seeing it a minimum of 100 times.

3. Richard Pryor - He is the definition of "naturally funny". Pryor always seemed to flow on the stage like no other ever had, or ever will have. He was ahead of my time, and his own for that matter, but I of course must point out his genius. He influenced all of the greats, and could easily come in at 1 or 2.

2. George Carlin - I absolutely love Carlin, the comedian with the most longevity out of anyone in the history of the business. Although some of the guys he beat out on this list may have a better performance or two, he's the only person ever to have that many hours of material. Even if you took out half of his body of work, he'd still have more content than just about anyone.

1. Chris Rock - I don't know how he didn't even make it to Dan's top 10 list. Most people automatically say Pryor is #1, but I'm new school and I got to give it to CR. His 3 HBO specials have all been classics, but "Bigger and Blacker" is hands down the funniest stand-up special that I've ever seen.

Honorable Mention - Don Rickles, he should've been on this list somewhere, as he's one of the all-time greats, but I'm sure I left out a couple more.

EDIT: Damn! I forgot about Dave Chappelle, and I think he should be as high as #4, maybe #5, so move everyone after that one spot down.

Top Ten Comedians Ever

Dan Taft
I am listing my favorite stand-up comedians of all time, in order, for your benefit. Pay close attention and recognize that these are clearly the greatest comedians, and any one I do not list really isn’t worth paying much attention to. I’m saving you all a lot of time and anguish here, so be appreciative for once in your miserable lives. Okay, here we go:

1. Dave Chappelle
2. George Carlin
3. Richard Pryor
4. Eddie Murphy
5. The one Dane Cook special “Vicious Circle” and some Dave Attell shit
6. Jerry Seinfeld
7. If Bill Murray ever did stand up, it was probably really good
8. Cedric the Entertainer
9. Token Female Comedian
10. I’m Funny

I will prepare more lists for the benefit of your lives in the near future.

Yak Ballz TV on Myspace

Yak Ballz

Check out all the videos from Yak Ballz TV on Myspace...Just CLICK HERE to go to the channel, and click Subscribe!

The Cancer Cat with The Reverend Bob Levy

During the filming of the first episode of "The Promoter", the driver makes a detour to pick up his cat from the vet, which upsets the Reverend Bob Levy, Sequoia Slentz (The Promoter), and Beetlejuice.


Savage Speaks: Sid Vicious

Marc Muchnik

God, I really, really wanted to like Sid throughout his wrestling career. I mean talk about a guy who had the look of a killer, the chiseled physique, impressive stature, the mannerisms of a star. He had a devastating one armed chokeslam and brutal powerbomb back when those moves were special and not used by half of the roster.
And then he threw a punch. And 12 year old girls around the world laughed at how such a monster could throw such a sissy punch. The physics of Sid's punch defied logic. His fist would go in all different directions. I mean, there have been some bad, bad workers to wrestle professionally in history. But no one, absolutely no one had a worked punch that looked as bad a Sid's.
Another thing about Sid was that despite, again the monster size and stature, he was often booked to look like a complete pussy. Take Capital Combat 1990. Oh you all remember folks, the return of Robocop! You have a fucking actor in tin foil walking at negative miles per hour and you have ALL of the Horsemen, Flair, Andersons, Windham and Sid running away from him while JR proclaims "BY gawd its Robocop, he broke through that cage!" Later when he fueded with Diesel in the WWF, despite being psycho he would often take a countout like a big puss.
Then you have the bizarre personal life. What I consider the worst botched spot of all time and probably took years off Brian Pillman's life was the infamous Wargames powerbomb. Uh, you dropped him right on his head and almost paralyzed him, what should we do now? Do it again you say? Marvelous! Idiot. The scissor fight with arn anderson, the incident where he threatened Pillman with a squeegie. This guy ain't no brain surgeon for sure. Oh and he loves to take sabbaticals from wrestling during softball season. All of that sort of shatters the whole "monster" illusion.
Sid had a great entrance and music with the WWF. He could do a kip up too. Also, oh wait that's all as far as redeeming qualities. But by gawd I still, still wanted to like him soo soo much. He just sucked soo soo bad. Finally a note on his career ending injury. I say if you are going to attempt to perform such a ridiculously bad move off the ropes, you deserve to have your leg snapped in half like a pretzels. Lots of roids, brittle bones. Ladies and Gentleman, The master of the powerbomb and the ruler of the woorld, Siiiiid Vicious!

Viral Video of the Day (2/25/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

BEIRUT - In the Mausoleum from The Flying Club Cup

In the Mausoleum is the 8th song from the new Beirut album called the Flying club cup. La Blogothèque filmed each track of this album in Brooklyn, and will publish each of them on a dedicated website. You can see them all at

This video was on the main page of Youtube the other day, but it's time was cut seriously short due to a guest editor, otherwise this clip would've been much more popular. I clicked on this expecting to hate everything about it, and was pleasantly surprised at not only how good the song was, but also the fact that the band was performing this live, and they were sick! The lead singer picks up a french horn, they got an upright bass player, even a violin player, nothing like the usual crap we normally see.

To top this all off, I don't know who the hell this La Blogothèque guy is, but he seems like he's the best camera man ever. This whole video was one shot, and it looks incredible. I usually could care less about that type of stuff, but he really captures every emotion of every instrument flawlessly.

Bad Biology Screening

Peter Toh Sunday, February 24, 2008 ,

Friday night was the night we had been waiting for. Our good friend Anthony Sneed (the Braves) was chosen to play the lead role of Batz, in a film created by the widely known and respected MC R.A. the Rugged Man and acclaimed director Frank Henenlotter (Brain Damage, Basket Case, Frankenhooker). Starring in the movie, across from Sneed is Charlie Danielson playing Jennifer, and the score was by Prince Paul. It also had a couple exclusive tracks from other hip hop stars such as Kool G Rap, Killah Priest w Reef the Lost Cauze, Smoothe Da Hustler, Atmosphere with Charlie Danielson, Tech N9ne, Ras Kass, and R.A. himself who had a couple including the credits song about making the movie in which he killed it as usual rapping "I found my lead role on fuckin' myspace..." The special effects were also very impressive and were done by Gabe Bartalos.

The anticipation had been building since the filming of the movie which partially happened in our old apartment on McKibbin St. James and I even got a special thanks in the credits! While I was working (engineering) bits of R.A.'s upcoming album, he was in the middle of producing this movie, which seemed to be stressing him out, but I soon realized like many greats that all of his creations stress him out. R.A. is a perfectionist. The premise alone had us itching to see it. Our good friend Connie Renda also played a small role, and I participated in one of the scenes donating my face to the collection of stills the main character keeps as a record of all of her partners/victims. I was dying to see what RA and Frank would do for 90 minutes in a film about penis's and vaginas.

There were times when I didn't know if I should be laughing but that's what I liked so much about the movie. It was a good time. I could tell everyone there really enjoyed it and there were smiles all around in the lobby after the film was over. Kool G Rap even told Sneed he is a fan, imagine G Rap giving you props! Congrats to RA, Frank, Sneed, Charlie, and everyone else who worked on the film it came out great! The overall vibe was cool, funny, and outrageous. There's more info about the movie here.

The Blend-O-Matic 5000 Infomercial

The infomercial for the Blend-O-Matic 5000...Russell and Guy are back for another exciting product! This is a spoof of infomercials, done by people who have watched way too many of them.

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