I'm Just a Dog and I'm Doing Dog Stuff (Music Video)

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, December 19, 2011 , , , , ,
Basically, these dogs are just dogs, and they are doing dog stuff... Woof!
Starring Barry the Rapping Dog, and the return of the Singing Cat, Mylo the Cat. Featuring appearances by Rhett (Strongest Dog Ever), Mush (Galz's Dog), Maddy (Dramatic Puppy), Pitty Pat, Hank, Madeline, Mammy, Scrappy, Sammy, Whitie, Lola, and Roxie.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 53 - Shameless Promotion and More Yo Mama

Mylo the Cat gives you a 3/4s-assed episode, because he's currently too busy working on the future smash hit, "I'm Just a Dog and I'm Doing Dog Stuff." He still manages to make fun of Yo Mama, reveal his new Tee Shirts, and shout out his first Pets and Animals Youtube friend, ScoobyHubby.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 52 - Shaycarl and The Auburn Moon Agency

Mylo the Cat listens to some of your requests, as he hates on ShayCarl and asks Gwatsky to collaborate on a Singing Animal video. Unfortunately, Gwatsky's management company, the Auburn Moon Agency, wasn't quite interested in us working with him, so Mylo let's them know what he thought of their response.


The Smiling Cat Part 9

Don't you dare blame me for the continuation of this "series", based on the comments from The Smiling Cat Part 8, this is all your fault!


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 51 - Harsh Reality

Mylo the Cat talks about Youtube changing their algorithm, and how it has effected himself, and other many other mid-range Youtube Partners.


Highest Jump Ever Part 2

In the long awaited sequel to the classic viral video, "Highest Jump Ever", Galz breaks another record, and once again shows why he is the most dynamic person on Youtube. While Chuck Norris was busy doing lame ass World of Warcraft commercials, Galz went on a 3 month hiatus, and has come back stronger than ever. Featuring cameos by Cheech, Head, Playground, and Danny B of the Station Softball Reality Show.

Galzed is the new Rick Roll. You have just been Galzed.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 50 - 50 Freakin Episodes

Mylo the Cat wanted to do something special for the 50th Episode of this dumbass web series, but he got sidetracked, and ended up doing his usual vicious hate rant routine. With that said, he did manage to attack more people than usual this time, as he makes fun of both his regular targets, and new ones as well. In this episode, Mylo makes fun of Ray William Johnson, iJustine, Sxephil, YoMama, misshannahminx, Meganspeaks, and imustdestroyall.

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