I Got Magic

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, May 1, 2008 , ,
A kid tries to convince his friend that he is a serious magician. Step aside David Blaine, and fake David Blaine. Music by Peter Toh.


The Top 10 Rap Albums, No Debating

Dan Taft ,
Everyone and their mother will probably have their opinions on this one, so I fully expect the flood of emails I’ll get telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. C’mon people- don’t you have work to do? My inbox is full of messages from these mo-rons trying to tell me, Dan Taft, how to compile my lists. Well, too bad. And now, the top 10 Best Rap albums ever made by anyone, except for the classic “From LI to MI” (DT 2004):

Blackstar (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) - This is the album that really got me into both of these guys. They are undoubtedly the best combination of rappers going back and forth on tracks, and Hi-Tech’s beats are off the hook. I’m sure this LP isn’t as popular as it should have been, because Blackstar actually rhymes about intelligent, relevant shit which instantly turns off about 85% of audiences who simply can’t understand hip hop songs that aren’t about hos, jewelry, money, cars, or the latest shoulder related dance craze. Mo-rons.

Capital Punishment (Big Pun) - Pun had his own style and his flow was like a chainsaw cutting through the flesh of all of today’s rappers who suck gigantic, closely shorn balls. Capital Punishment had about 25 tracks, which is a lot buddy, and most of them are fire- we miss you Big Dog Punisher (Fat Joe has been real sucky since you died!)

Liquid Swords (GZA) - One of the most serious albums ever- the GZA let everyone know with Liquid Swords that he couldn’t be fucked with. The album sounds like a hip-hop nightmare in which the GZA is traumatizing the listener with his sick ass flow; Wu-Tang was the shit back in the day!

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Outkast) - During a time when all that East Coast/West Coast bullshit was going on, Outkast dropped this doozie and burst on the scene with a totally new style. Too bad southern rap followed the Master P/Hot Boys wack ass style instead of trying to sound like Outkast, the only good southern rappers EVER (except for Scarface, 8 Ball and MJG.) Honestly southern rap killed Hip-Hop but it definitely isn’t Outkast’s fault because they were ahhhsome.

Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z) - Before Jay-Z became horribly commercial, he was really dope. Reasonable Doubt is a classic, and is Jay-Z’s best album by far. The 22 twos track, whatever it’s called, is absolutely ridiculous.

Illmatic (Nas) - Nas made this LP, which was one of the best ever, and then made “It Was Written,” which is also sick, and then made 2 terrible albums, and now he’s back (but not quite as ill as he was in the beginning). Every track on this album is great, and when it first came out everyone knew Nas was about to change the game.

All Eyez On Me (2 Pack Shaker) - Tupac’s best in my opinion, All Eyez On Me is raw, heartfelt and genuinely gangster. Kind of reminds me of myself back when I was bangin’.

Enter The Wu Tang, 36 Chambers (Wu-Tang Clan) - There has never been a group like the Wu. They have 9 MCs and every one of them is dope in their own way. They form like Vultron, but always remember that the GZA is the head. Subliminal ninja rap straight from the slums of Shaolin- nobody talks like them and no hip-hop group can ever come close to them. Those are my words.

Ready To Die (Notorious B.I.G.) - I’m sure most hip hop heads would put this at number 1 (at least if you’re from NY). And it is pretty much a perfect rap album- Biggie was the man and will forever go down as one of the greatest MCs ever to touch a mic. You have to wonder how different the genre would be if he were still alive. I think there would be less hip-hop songs about leaning, don’t you?

Black on Both Sides (Mos Def) - 17 tracks, not a bad song on the album. The most perfect Hip Hop CD ever made; if you listen to it and don’t like it you’re either 9 years old or you are mentally deficient. Every beat is tight, and Mos Def’s style and flow and dynamic presentation is untouchable. Don’t worry about it if you’re not smart enough to enjoy Black on Both Sides- I’ll explain it to you, D-Bag.

Viral Video of the Day (5/1/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Glass Door vs Distracted Woman in a Rush

Pay close attention to the woman who appears in the bottom right at around :15 seconds. She seems like she's very distracted and in a rush.

Glass Door vs Distracted Woman in a Rush - Watch more free videos

NBA Playoff Preview: May 1st

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Playoff Preview for May 1st, 2008.


NBA TV Top 10: April 30th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 30th, 2008.


Classic Music Videos - "Da Art of Storytelling" by Outkast ft. Slick Rick

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Da Art of Storytelling" by Outkast ft. Slick Rick.

Although there's no music video for "Da Art of Storytelling Part 2", I can't hear part 1 without part 2, so here it is!


It's A Girl!!! - Lil Mama Album Release Party

Peter Toh ,

Pics from the delivery room at the birth of HIP POP. The VOICE OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE. It was as much fun as it looks. Congrats to all!!

Road Trip with Yak Ballz and Sports

Yak Ballz Wednesday, April 30, 2008 ,
Behind the scenes of the latest Road Trip with Yak Ballz and Sports, including a live performance by Yak of "ChaChing (Clap Your Hands)".


Top 10 Hidden Track TV Videos (In My Opinion)

We are making strides my people. Please help me in my cause to get that horrid picture of me removed from my writer's profile on this very site. The Godfather is a cruel being who persistently tortures me with his photoshopped picture of yours truly, making me look much worse than I actually do (I'm great looking). FYI I will soon be working on a new CD, genre yet to be disclosed...
With Peter Toh on the brink of international fame, and Hidden Track TV at his right hand side, and Pizza Boy in tow, it is due time I list the top 10 vids that we have created (In My Opinion). The list hath been compiled thusly:

10. Sleek Balls - Sleek Balls I & II are rarely seen videos, due to the fact that their star is in an extremely high profile career (I'm not even supposed to be telling you this). The kid could have had a huge commercial career but instead decided on selling weapons and health insurance to La Costra Nostra.
*These Videos are no longer Available.

9. Behind The Music - When we were growing up in the slums of Long Island, there was this guy everyone knew who really lived on the edge. He was what you might call an "OG." Anyway, we did a Behind The Music piece on him because everyone thought he was about to blow up. Turns out he only blew up in DC Nepal. But regardless of what you might hear, DT was a real deal gangster and if you don't believe me, try to run up on him. That's what I thought.
Behind the Music Part 1
Also check out Part 2 and Part 3.

8. The Marijuana Series - These are great little commercial spoofs, and each one is better than the next. Check 'em out, but remember, they're always funnier on weeeed.
*These Videos are no longer Available.

7. Two's A Crowd - Another classic video that gets very little attention, this skit has it all. Solid writing, hilarious acting, and it even features the voice of Steve Harvey! How can you top that?

6. The Showdown - I've always said that the guy in the Knicks hat just destroys the Chef. I mean, take a look for yourself and tell me that this is even close. Probably the best dance battle I've ever seen- this video really makes you want to learn how to break dance. How do these guys do it?

5. Fire Featuring Peter Toh - High energy and on point. This song performed live is for real- check it out and realize what you are seeing is only the beginning.

4. The Worst Basketball Player Ever - This can now officially be considered an internet phenomenon. I don't care what Raja Bell says, James is straight garbage on the court. Remember Daytona son- you don't got shit on me. I'll be in NY this summer and I will take you out. But I still want to be in the James Catusco Fan Club.
*Here's Worst Basketball Player Ever (be sure to check out parts 2 - 4 too!)

3. The Cheese Incident - Spawned by the now infamous "Ham Attack," the Cheese Incident is a guaranteed hit, as you can't go wrong by filming people being hit with cheese while sleeping. Rednecks really seem to love this one. So does Maury Povich.
*Here's the short version...

2. Cats In Love - I bought my Lil' Mama CD today- did you? Well, this video has the original song by Peter Toh, and it is off the hook. Plus there's little kitties licking each other. Awwwwww.

1. Fence Plowing - Giant Fat Guy breaks fence. Simple and brilliant. Great musical choice compliments the video perfectly, and voila, 20/20, Fox News, NY Times, HiddenTrack begins it's climb to power. Kiss the Godfather's pinky ring or be chopped down by his mighty bagel knife. Triple decker PB sandwich anyone?

Side Note: The Breadman Infomercial was never properly edited to be internet friendly, but it is fucking hilarious. You can tell these 2 guys watched The State well before anyone else, so don't even mention it around them. Sol Muchnik's cameo is priceless- someone should really put this skit on the internet!

Chris Farley Trying to Pick up Girls at the Mall

Adam Schleichkorn ,
This is Chris Farley on a Tom Arnold special from around 1992. This might be one of the funnest things he has ever done. I hope every fan enjoys this as much as metaphors describe stuff.


Viral Video of the Day (4/30/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

John Daly Interview While Playing Golf -- No Shirt Or Shoes

PGA golfer John Daly is interviewed while he plays a round of golf at Murder Rock Golf Club in Branson, Missouri. Shirtless and shoeless, with a cigarette in his mouth, of course. Classic Big John.

Appearance with John's playing partner for the day, country singer Johnny Lee, at the end of the video.

Definitely one person I did not want to see topless.


Wednesday's NBA Playoff Preview

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Andre Aldridge previews Wednesday's pair of playoff match ups.


NBA TV Top 10: April 29

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 29th, 2008.


Classic Music Videos - "Dead Presidents" by Jay-Z

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Dead Presidents" by Jay-Z.


Is It The Gear Or Your Ear? - Shure SM7

Peter Toh Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This week's review is more of an ode to my old favorite which I no longer have. It's not the first mic people think of when they look for a great all around mic, or for a high end vocal mic. Probably because it's an affordable mic, a little ugly and semi-dorky looking. Also it's a dynamic which is less expensive. It to me was priceless though.
I miss it because it was the happy medium to all my mic related issues. When a mic was too harsh on an amp or a shouting rapper or singer, the SM7 would always smooth out the ruff edges. When I sold all my other mics and that was all that was left, I was totally happy putting it to a kick drum then singing into it. That mic's honesty was my best policy. Never ever did I want what i couldn't have when she was on that stand. Why I sold it I don't know, but I want you back baby, and we will be together again.

Verdict is: It's your ear.

Reggaeton Beach (Optimum Commercial)

The coolest commercial ever, with some serious Reggaeton action. 877-393-4448! It doesn't get any catchier than that! For the record, this is Peter Toh's favorite commercial...

Omar and the girls return in the sequel to Optimum's Reggaeton 1. This time it's beaches, sun and pirates in a Reggaeton island adventure. English version.


Classic Music Videos - "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction.


From the Washington Post

Adam Schleichkorn , ,
The Washington Post did their research, and shouted out the Stryder! In this article, they compared Lil Mama to Santogold, and wrote the following...(This has only just begun)

While Santogold has been collaborating with Ashlee Simpson of late, Lil Mama teamed up with Peter Toh, founding member of Long Island punk outfit the Stryder, for the ska-sounding "Truly in Love."

For the full article, go to

Savage Speaks: William Regal

Marc Muchnik
"Do you know what my New Year's resolution is going to be? To wake up a half an hour earlier so I can hate you more."
The brilliance of this line in a wrestling promo is overflowing. Such a line can seemingly only be muttered by one with the ability to “speak”, in wrestlingspeak. Some, like Benoit, were incredibly gifted in the ring but a veritable train wreck when cutting a promo. I remember many a time I would cringe when hearing him try to talk. Mick Foley, while a bump machine and great match storyteller, would not have been nearly as memorable if it was not for his cerebral promos. I’d venture to say, however, that there has rarely been someone as gifted on the mic as Darren Mathews a.ka. William Regal, a.k.a. Lord Steven Regal. In addition to the line above, he has countless other priceless moments on the mic, delivered in his trandemark snotty British accent. And the guy could fucking work, in every way possible.
With a refreshing change of pace in a European based mat wrestling and striking style, Regal was stiff. He used different moves, like European uppercuts, suplexes, and more believable rest holds. ( “That’s just a wear down hold Gorilla.”) But he wasn’t sloppy and he had the ability to make everything he did look real. He has tons of street cred, starting up at age 15 wrestling at the carnivals in Blackpool, England. Adding to this, the guy was entertaining as hell in the ring. From holding his hand behind his back THE ENTIRE MATCH as a showing of pomoposity, to his fiery eye movements and hilarious grimaces, Regal was truly dedicated to his craft. Round that out with dignified classical music enveloping a grand ring entrance, accompanied by his butler! (Sir William used to umbrella to help Regal get the win!) He was having good to great matches during some AWFUL times for WCW, around 93 and 94. He had a best of series with Flair during this time that I highly recommend trying to find on you-tube. Great matches as well during this period with Johnny B Bad, Sting, Steamboat, and Luger (well, good anyways).
Unfortunately, Regal had some alcohol and substance abuse problems that derailed his career. Soon after taking Goldberg further than anyone had during his big push, much to the Savage’s delight, he went to the WWE in 1998. It was hilarious to hear Fat Tony trying to cover up for it. The “Man’s Man” gimmick was suitably awful, it just was totally not what he had built his character up at that point. He was only there for a few months until he left, returning briefly to WCW before seemingly disappearing. Thanks goodness he signed with the WWE in 2000 where he continues to this day. One of my favorites, and although his body has broken down a bit the guy just know what it takes. He gets people over while the crowd boos the shit out of him.
Recently, Regal has some kind of fire lit under his ass, as he took Randy Orton to the limit a few weeks ago on Raw, just recently won King of the Ring (!?) and looks to be starting up a fued with a returning Mr. Kennedy. At 39, much to my surprise actually, he’s getting by far the biggest push he ever has. In this writer’s opinion, he totally deserves it. Here’s to one of the greatest heels in the history of our great sport, ladies and gentleman, the master of the Regal Stretch, King William Regal.

NBA TV Top 10: April 28th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 28th, 2008.


Viral Video of the Day (4/29/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Viralcom: Episode 2

Check out this original web series, that just got featured on the main page of Youtube. I always expect the worst with these things, but this was surprisingly very well done!
"This could be big."


Voice of the Young People by Lil Mama in Stores Today!

Adam Schleichkorn ,

The day is finally here, Voice of the Young People, Lil Mama's debut album, is officially in stores, and includes "Truly in Love" ft. Peter Toh! Got to your nearest music store, or any online one and pick it up right now!

The Top 10 Ugliest Celebrities

Dan Taft Monday, April 28, 2008

I’m not a mean person by nature. But I am ridiculously good looking. Therefore, I have the right- scratch that; the duty, to make this list. Many of the celebs listed below would probably say “Look away- I’m hideous,” if ever faced with my beautiful visage. But alas, gaze upon the horrible freaks of my top 10 sideshow:

10. Steve Buscemi - I’m sorry Steve. You are an awesome actor, and I love everything you do in regards to film. Just try not to look directly into the camera because sometimes I just can’t take it.

9. Courtney Love - I know Kurt Cobain questioned his sexuality when he was younger, but he might as well have just gone ahead and been totally gay if this is where he was going with his heterosexuality. Gewwwww.

8. Carrot Top - Talentless, annoying and ugly. He’s a triple threat.

7. Lyle Lovett - To think of the women this creature has boinked hurts my head.

6. Amy Winehouse - Lay off the crack, honey.

5. Steven Tyler - No comment.

4. Donatella Versace - She needs those clothes just to make her tolerable looking. I call her “the face that launched a thousand shits.”

3. Clint Howard - Brutal.

2. Mickey Rourke - A bad motorcycle accident makes me feel kind of bad for listing him here. But then again, he did attempt to box for no apparent reason, which I’m sure didn’t help his looks. And he is a regular on the Miami club scene but he hasn’t seemed to discover shirts with sleeves as of yet. I will update you on his progress.

1. Michael Jackson - No brainer. Photography has been around for about 180 years, and recorded human history dates back to around the fourth millennium B.C. Mankind has been on the planet for a couple hundred thousand years. I would be willing to bet everything I have, which is a lot because I’m loaded, that M.J. is the ugliest human being of all time. Am I right, people? Yes, I think I am.

NBA Playoff Preview: April 28th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Playoff Preview for April 28th, 2008.


JD Harmeyer's Blog (Howard Stern)

Adam Schleichkorn
The great JD Harmeyer from the Howard Stern show got his balls busted tremendously on the Howard Stern Show the other day, for having a blog on myspace. His blog was actually pretty funny, and I would probably check it out on occasion if he kept it up. Anyway, check out JD's Myspace blog HERE

The State - Teacher's Lounge

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Just about every kid in school wants to see what goes on behind the doors of the Teacher's Lounge, and who better to give us an inside look, than "The State", aka the best show ever on MTV, which was canceled in it's prime.


Micheal Jordan's Top 10 Moments

Adam Schleichkorn ,
You know you're the best basketball player ever, when you have your own top 10 list. To make it even more note-worthy, there are many other top 10 categorized Michael Jordan lists, including Top 10 buzzer beaters, and even top 10 assists! I'll be sure to post some more down the line, but without further ado, here's Michael Jordan's Top 10 Moments of all-time.


Stand-Up Stars - Dave Attell

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Dave Attell - Jaegermeister

Dave Attell's take on why Jaegermeister is a kid's drink.


Classic Music Videos - "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails

Adam Schleichkorn
"Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.


Viral Video of the Day (4/28/08)

2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever

Yea, I know this is one of our videos, but since it jumped to 150,000 views on Youtube this past week, it's officially viral, so stop your bitching. This huge jump in views in all thanks to the great editors over at Youtube, who have kept it up as the "spotlight" in the sports section for just about a full week!

Anyway, here's the description...

Garrett Steinger is... The 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever.

This is the first legitimate competition for James Catusco's title of "Worst Basketball Player Ever". Leave comments with who you think is truly the worst!

Music by Peter Toh titled "Castle of Illusions".

Join the Garrett Steinger Fan Club -


Voice of the Young People in Stores Tomorrow!

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Go to Best Buy, or Itunes, or wherever you buy your music, and pick up "Voice of the Young People" by Lil Mama tomorrow! Be sure to check out "Truly in Love" featuring Hidden Track TV's co-owner Peter Toh, who also wrote and produced the track! I'm not being biased, this joint is fire, so cop that!

NBA TV Top 10: April 27th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 27th, 2008.

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