Me Watching Me Watching Me Watching Me

Adam Schleichkorn Saturday, August 13, 2011 , ,
Mylo the Cat's producer steps in front of the camera for the first time in years, to create the first video idea he ever had, which is him watching himself, watching himself, watching himself.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 35 - Shane Dawson and Annoying Orange

Mylo the Cat responds to your requests from last week, and makes fun of Shane Dawson and The Annoying Orange.


Best Skateboarder Ever

Galz is officially the Best Skateboarder Ever. Galz's technique is flawless, and he can bust out any trick in the book. Chuck Norris can't even do a kick flip, and is more of a longboard kinda guy. Galzed is the new rick roll. You have just been Galzed.


My Predictions for Next Week's Episode of Entourage

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Here are my predictions for next week's episode of Entourage, let's see how many of them I get right...

1. Vince is all down and out, ever since that producer (that he barely knew) committing suicide. Fall off the wagon, you say? Ummm, yes. That's about as obvious as it gets.

2. Turtle is all down and out, ever since his way too hot girlfriend, and way too ambitious business endevour, shockingly fell through. He also looks weird as hell as a skinny dude.

3. E is all down and out because in typical Entourage fassion, they forgot to include his terrible on-going storyline with Sloan last week, so we'll deal with it even more this week.

4. Drama is all down and out because of the nonsense with Dice and his show. I'm thinking the network abides to their outrageous demands, and everything turns out ok.

5. Ari's wife is clearly, clearly going to see him and Dana Gorden out on the town, making her jealous, and making Ari remember the good times and become... you guessed it... down and out.

6. Lloyd is down and out because he's barely on the show anymore, and when he is on, he's overacting like no other.

7. Scott Lavin is not down and out, because he's thrilled to somehow have acting work.
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