People Against Bush

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, September 26, 2008 , , ,
Our moron friends jump into bushes, aka bush diving, bush jumping. Is this a political statement, or merely a hilariously ironic title? You decide '08.

Don't do this to public property like a jerk, but feel free to bush dive in your friends' yards, with their permission of course.

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Dancing Cat Group (The Kitty Cat Dolls)

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, September 24, 2008 , , ,
The dancing cats are back, this time joined by a couple of newcomers! When joined together, these amazing cats form the dance group, the "Kitty Cat Dolls". Featuring Lulu the Dramatic Cat, her brother Mylo, and introducing Spike the Cat and Cleopatra.

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Who is the Worst Basketball Player Ever?

A sports analyst show comparing James Catusco and Garrett Steinger, to determine Who is the Worst Basketball Player Ever. Hosted by Guy Hilbert, the voice of the Worst Basketball Player Ever Series, featuring Elie Sechbach from ESNEWS and Greg Berman and Neil Tafoya from P0YKPAC. Leave a comment with who you think is the Worst Basketball Player Ever!

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Video by Adam Schleichkorn.
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