Mylo the Cat Goes to the Zoo

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, May 4, 2012 , , ,
Mylo the Cat visits the Miami Metro Zoo in Florida, and provides some freakin witty commentary. Leave a comment with your choice of Siiiiiickest Animal of the Day!

My Cat Talks to Me

Either I'm on heavy drugs, or my cat is freakin talking to me... Starring Mylo the Cat, the Coolest Cat on the Internet.

Dog High Five in Slow Mo!

Adam Schleichkorn
Scrappy the Dog helps celebrate National High Five Day on April 19th.

Most Annoying Cat Ever

Mylo the Cat is the... Most Annoying Cat Ever.

Dramatic Lion

Some serious drama from Mylo the Cat's Uncle, Larry the Freakin Lion!

Cutest Otter Ever!

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Otto the Otter is the... Cutest Otter Ever!

Dramatic Dubstep Cat

Mylo the Cat is the... Dramatic Dubstep Cat.

A Picture's Worth a 1,000 Words - Pilot

Mylo the Cat and Barry the Dog share their thoughts on the following picture. This might be Mylo's new series, but also might very well be a huge failure. Bitches.

Shortest Video on Youtube Part 9

Mylo the Cat knows that this is a little too long to be considered a "Shortest Video on Youtube" video, but you know what, screw you and your damn rules. Bitches.

A Cat's Thoughts on Doing Favors

Mylo the Cat shares his thoughts on doing favors for people.

Rapping Dog ft. The Rapping Cat

Barry the Dog and Mylo the Cat are back with another brand new song, titled "Quarter Water Kids" by Solo for Dolo.

My Reaction to (Insert Dumb Internet Trend Here)

This video is all about you, this is Mylo the Cat's way of giving something back to the internet video viewer... Repost this video, change the title, and voila, it's now your reaction to Jeremy Lin or the Nyan Cat, or My Little Pony, or whatever the hell you want. Bitches.

Shortest Video on Youtube Part 8

Mylo the Cat wants you to know that if you can't get through this whole video, you can just watch the rest of it tomorrow. He also wants you to know that you have a serious attention problem. Bitches.

Peter Toh - Pretty Primal (Smiling Cat Song)

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The full version of "Pretty Primal" by Peter Toh, from his 2004 release, Cleopatra. This is the song heard in the Smiling Cat series.

Ultimate Cat Tease Part 4 (Ultimate Dog Tease Parody)

Mylo the Cat's producer makes fun of him for his "Shit Cats Say" parody being the lowest-viewed out of all of the Shit Girls Say parodies.

Mylo the Cat Performs I'm Just a Cat and I'm Doing Cat Stuff Live!

Mylo the Cat performs his hit song, "I'm Just a Cat and I'm Doing Cat Stuff" Live!

Best Accident Ever

Galz causes a terrible accident on the set of one of his terrible record breaking videos. If Chuck Norris fell off a swing like this, he'd have to be immediately rushed to the hospital, while Galz is barely even phased. Galzed is the new Rick Roll. You've Just Been Galzed. Shout out to Galz's only fan, James freakin Insole!

The Smiling Cat Part 10

Mylo the cat brings you the monumental 10th episode of the dumbest series on the internet, The Smiling Cat.

Shit Cats Say

Mylo the Cat does the cat version of "Shit Girls Say". Let's be honest internet, we all knew that this was only a matter of time!

Dramatic Freakin Cat

Mylo the Cat shamelessly attempts to go viral in another freakin Dramatic Cat video.

Mylo the Cat's Featured Videos on Youtube

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, April 2, 2012 , , ,
Here's some of the videos Mylo the Cat appeared in that were selected as Featured Videos on Youtube!
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