White Men Can't Jump

My friends and I attempting to dunk, and failing. Don't even try to say anything against our skills. Each of us that you see in this video will take it to you on the courts, believe that. Featuring the original debut of Garrett Steinger, the 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever, and the Basketball in the Face Guy. Music by Peter Toh -


Peter Toh - Wildlife

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, October 17, 2008 , , , ,
Peter Toh performs "Wildlife" live at the Delancy in New York City. Subscribe to our channel for more from Peter Toh, and be sure to check out his myspace page for new songs -


Strongest Dog Ever

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, October 14, 2008 , ,
Rhett the Dog is...the Strongest Dog Ever! Watch as Rhett proves his amazing strength by picking up this huge piece of wood, and manhandling it (or should I say, doghandling). He was trained as a police dog, and is a purebred German Shepherd. He is officially the world's strongest dog.

Song titled "Ages" by Peter Toh. Buy it on Itunes!


Best Dancer Ever

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, October 13, 2008 , , ,
Galz, the pride of Long Island is now officially the Best Dancer Ever.

Music by Peter Toh -

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