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Check out all these other great sites featuring the "Ages" music video by Peter Toh...








Many thanks to all of them for posting!

Vote for Peter Toh on MVSPY

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Go to and click "Put it on TV" to give us a chance to get the "Ages" video on tv!

Ages on Musicglob

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The following is a post from

"I hadn’t heard of Peter Toh until this week and I am really impressed. This video is first of all extremely well done. The cinematography is beautifully in sync with the song. The song itself is infectious. I can’t help but listen to it. It’s gotta be the beat or something - or everything.

I may be a douchebag for saying this, but this song/video + Peter Toh have all the qualities to be the next Justin Timberlake. Sick beats, the lyrics/voice, and the subtle hint of pop to set mtv and all the kids on fire.

I’ll most likely be writing more on Peter Toh in the future so keep a look out."

Many thanks to Dan at Musiglob for a great write-up and for posting the Ages vid. Be sure to check out his page at

Ages Video featured on MVSPY

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The new music video for "Ages" by Peter Toh is currently being featured on the main page of Check it out!

Ages Video featured on Sharkle

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The new music video for "Ages" by Peter Toh is now being featured on the homepage of Check it out!

Ages Music Video by Peter Toh

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The "Ages" music video by Peter Toh. This is the highly anticipated follow-up of "Shoes of a Beast". Check out more at

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