Giant marine life found in Antarctica

Adam Schleichkorn Saturday, March 22, 2008
Who knows what the hell is in the water in the Antarctic Area? The answer is, nobody! Check out this story from Yahoo News, where scientists came across some Sea Beasts, and potentially hundreds of new (undiscovered) species. This apparently is one of the largest investigations in these Antarctic waters of it's kind, and this was only done is a relatively small area by New Zealand. So imagine what else is out there...

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Scientists who conducted the most comprehensive survey to date of New Zealand's Antarctic waters were surprised by the size of some specimens found, including jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles and 2-foot-wide starfish.

A 2,000-mile journey through the Ross Sea that ended Thursday has also potentially turned up several new species, including as many as eight new mollusks.

It's "exciting when you come across a new species," said Chris Jones, a fisheries scientist at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "All the fish people go nuts about that — but you have to take it with a grain of salt."

The finds must still be reviewed by experts to determine if they are in fact new, said Stu Hanchet, a fisheries scientist at New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

But beyond the discovery of new species, scientists said the survey, the most comprehensive to date in the Ross Sea, turned up other surprises.

Hanchet singled out the discovery of "fields" of sea lilies that stretched for hundreds of yards across the ocean floor.

"Some of these big meadows of sea lilies I don't think anybody has seen before," Hanchet said.

Previously only small-scale scientific samplings have been staged in the Ross Sea.

The survey was part of the International Polar Year program involving 23 countries in 11 voyages to survey marine life and habitats around Antarctica. The program hopes to set benchmarks for determining the effects of global warming on Antarctica, researchers said.

Large sea spiders, jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles, huge sea snails and starfish the size of big food platters were found during a 50-day voyage, marine scientist Don Robertson said.

Cold temperatures, a small number of predators, high levels of oxygen in the sea water and even longevity could explain the size of some specimens, said Robertson, a scientist with NIWA.

Robertson added that of the 30,000 specimens collected, hundreds might turn out to be new species.

Stefano Schiaparelli, a mollusk specialist at Italy's National Antarctic Museum in Genoa, said he thought the find would yield at least eight new mollusks.

"This is a new brick in the wall of Antarctic knowledge," Schiaparelli said.

Story by RAY LILLEY, Associated Press Writer
Photo - (AP Photo/NZ IPY-CAML, John Mitchell)

It's Always Sunny in Philadephia - Day Man

Adam Schleichkorn ,
If you don't already know about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia it's definitely time to give it a shot. Most people, myself included, are skeptical right off the bat, since the show is on FX, but it only took me about 2 minutes of watching to realize how incredible it was. The first and second seasons are out on dvd, and I'm pretty sure the 3rd is now too. If not, I know for a fact that they are all available on Itunes.

This clip from the 3rd season, is from the episode "Sweet Dee is Dating a Retard". Charlie and Dennis form a band, and preform "Day Man" at the bar. Priceless.

Although this song is clearly just a stupid funny song for the show, it's so good that these two clowns even covered it...


Historic Moments in Film - Animal House

Adam Schleichkorn ,
One of the pinnacle scenes in one of the greatest comedies of all-time, Animal House. Bluto (John Belushi) tries to rally the troops by giving his classic speech about taking down the administration. Otter then steps in to add his insight, and all the guys come along. The music is just perfect, and so is everything else about this Historic Scene. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No!" Please excuse the couple of over-dubs that this guy who posted this clip added, it's the only one on Youtube.


Classic Music Videos - "Nothin' But A G Thang" by Dr. Dre

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Nothin' But a G Thang" by Dr. Dre.


Viral Video of the Day (3/22/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Kanye Hands

You just have to enjoy this one, "Stronger" by Kanye West ft. Daft Punk done on this person's hands! Someone had a little too much time on their hands (pun intended), and turned it into a ridiculously cool video!


Excited Cat!

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, March 21, 2008 , ,
We caught Mylo the cat in a really good mood... This is an attempt by him to outshine his real-life sister, Lulu the Dramatic Kitty. Although he's not nearly as cute as his sister Lulu, he still would wipe the floor with those ugly Dramatic Chipmunks and Lemurs. Subscribe to our NEW CHANNEL at


Ali G & the NBA (extended version)

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Ali G talks with all the stars of the NBA.


Classic Music Videos - "Basket Case" by Green Day

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Basket Case" by Green Day


New Interview by

Yak Ballz
CLICK HERE to check out the new interview by of Scifentology II by Yak Ballz

Viral Video of the Day (3/21/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Gangster loses fight to next karate kid (real fight)

A tough guy challenges another kid to a fight, and starts to have second thoughts when the challenger busts into a karate stance. After stalling a couple times, they go at it for about 10 seconds, with a great ending!


Top 10 Foreign Films

Dan Taft Thursday, March 20, 2008
Some people, like Adam Schleichkorn, are so lazy that they refuse to see a movie with subtitles. Don’t worry, buddy, it’s not a book. There are pictures. Pathetic. Anyway, some of the greatest films ever made are from countries outside of the U.S. So, without any further ado:

10. Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels (England) - Guy Ritchie’s best film, in my humble opinion, and also the one that got Jason Statham notice from the American audience; Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels is the shit. It’s a masterfully weaved story with cool, bad ass characters; don’t worry Adam, this film is in English.

9. La Dolce Vita (Italy) - Arguably the greatest director of all time, Federico Fellini influenced the likes of Woody Allen and David Lynch, introduced surrealism to film, and just overall made a bunch of cool shit that Adam Schleichkorn simply wouldn’t understand (sorry but the film is a bit different from “Dumb and Dumber.”) This is one of Fellini’s films that just makes you wish you were born in Italy in mid- 20th century.

8. Irreversible (France) - If you thought “Memento” was a good film, you are correct. But check this film out; if you can stomach the scene in the middle of this film, and I don’t want to give it away, then you are a sick human being my friend. A disturbingly brilliant movie, “Irreversible” is a slick nightmare that will have your head spinning for at least 4 minutes after you see it. After that you can go back to your normal life, Adam.

7. Motorcycle Diaries (Argentina)- Hippies love Che Guevara. Hippies are stupid. This film is brilliant because it shows you the complexity of the human spirit. People aren’t just good or evil, as Bill O’Reilly and G.W. might have you believe. On the contrary, people are good and evil. This movie will make you cry, Adam, because it’s heartfelt and it draws sympathy for an intelligent character who had the best of intentions. However, hippies, if you actually took the time to really look into something instead of just wearing cool looking tee shirts and smoking weed all day, you would find out that Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why Cubans hate Che Guevara. His heart was in the right place, but once he gained power he became a fucking monster. You wouldn’t wear a shirt with Stalin’s face on it, would you?

6. City of God (Brazil) - Wow. When a film can make “Scarface” look like “The Muppets Take Manhattan” you know you’ve got a winner. And this is based on a true story. This movie was an eye-opening, frightening look into the lives of extremely poor kids living and dying in the barrios of Rio De Janeiro. Do yourself a favor and rent the dvd, but watch the extras with the real documentary about this area. You are no longer that tough to me, Snoop Dogg.

5. Persona (Sweden) - Ingmar Bergman. If you don’t know that name, and you call yourself a movie buff, here is the point in your life where you can now officially be ashamed of yourself. Have you ever seen “Fight Club” or “The Number 23” or any of the other 500 movies where the guy ends up being the same guy as the other guy in the end of the movie, but you knew that was what was going to happen about 20 minutes into the movie. Well, me too. But this was the first, and the best. See it, then thank me later.

4. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico) - Hey, I must really like Gael Garcia Bernal, huh? This movie will make you cry. If there was one film I had to recommend to a space alien to watch to understand the human condition, I would pick this film, unless…

3. Ikiru (Japan) - I’m sorry, but as good as Y Tu Mama Tambien is, this is kind of the original. They are two completely different films, both unbelievably great in their own right. However, this one is slightly better. Why? Two words- Akira Kurosawa. If you watch Y Tu Mama and then Ikiru, you will enjoy life more from there on out. Don’t believe me? Watch them, then get back to me- you will understand my son.

2. 8 ½ (Italy) - Good enough for Woody Allen to parody (brilliantly, I might add) 8 ½ is all about inspiration. The modern movie goer, ie. Adam Schleichkorn, would probably walk out on this movie, but that really only speaks volumes on how awesome it actually is. Fellini- you da man.

1. Oldboy (Korea) - Have you ever read “The Count of Monte Cristo?” Not you Adam, I’m addressing the readers in the group. Yes, it is one of the best novels ever written. Oldboy, in all of it’s glory, is not a rip-off of The Count. It is however, in a way, a tribute to it. Add in the best fight scene I’ve ever seen, an original plot with twists and turns that aren’t copied from every other popular movie, and you have yourself my favorite foreign film of all time. Yes, Adam, I know you’ve seen this one. Good for you.

Classic Music Videos - "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


New Review by IMPOSE Magazine

Yak Ballz
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Viral Video of the Day (3/20/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Worst Hockey Goal Ever

Vesa Toskala, goalie of the Toronto Maple Leafs, lets in the worst goal ever. This shot was from 197 feet away by the New York Islanders, which is from the other end of the ice, from their goal line!


Peter Toh - Wildlife Preview

Peter Toh Wednesday, March 19, 2008 , , , ,
The first official glimpse into "Wildlife", the debut full-length studio album by Peter Toh, coming in 2008. The title of this track is called "Heroes" and you can hear the full version on Peter's Myspace Page at

"We all have super powers. We can use them save the world, or we can use them to destroy it. This was inspired by the relentless polarization of good and evil, the unheard cries of the truth under all of the propaganda, and the seemingly super human ability to betray even your closest family member." - PT


Classic Music Videos - "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam.

For some reason Sony/BMG have disabled embeds, which seems like a common theme with all the record label Youtube channels, so here's the link...

The State - Watch The Monkeys Do It

Adam Schleichkorn ,
MTV's The State was one of the funniest shows of all-time. This sketch comedy series lasted 3 seasons before MTV decided to ax it for no reason, and that time also marked the start of MTV's continuous downhill slope. This sketch is just one of the many great ones they put out there, as they rarely put out a sub par one over the 3 year span. I just love their over-the-top antics, and the absolute originality of their ideas - ie. A mailman that decides to stop delivering mail, and bring tacos everyday instead. "Great tacos Jake". Brilliant.

This clip titled Watch the Monkeys do it is a perfect example of how great this show really was. If you never heard of the show, or any of the actors, several of them make up the cast of Reno 911, which is a pretty solid show, but not anywhere near the level of The State.

featuring: Ken Marino, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio, Kerri Kenney, and Thomas Lennon.


Andrew Dice Clay on CNN

Adam Schleichkorn ,
The Diceman, Andrew Dice Clay, getting interviewed by CNN and blowing up on the guy for his line of questioning.


Viral Video of the Day (3/19/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Kid Owned By Revolving Door

Kid jumps into a revolving door after his buddy gets it turning at an extreme speed. No guts, no glory, no brains. Maybe I'm old school, but I hate the word "owned" used in that context. It's just not cool, but this video is funny...

Kid Owned By Revolving Door - Watch more free videos

Historic Moments in Film - Caddyshack

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ,
What a great way to kick off the new Historic Moments in Film segment, which are going to consist of classic scenes from the best comedies ever to hit the silver screen. Caddyshack has so many great scenes, that it was so tough to settle with just one scene, but this one truly is incredible. In this clip that's only a minute and change, you can pretty much pull a minimum of 5 quotable lines from Rodney Dangerfield, to go with several more from the great Ted Knight, aka "Judge Smails". I'd like to go on record and declare this one of the funniest movies of all-time, and I won't take no for an answer. "The man's a menace!"


Larry David Stand-Up (From Curb Pilot)

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Larry David's stand-up segments from the HBO Special (Pilot Episode) of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's pretty much exactly the type of style you'd expect his stand-up act to be, and it's hilarious! Who else does a routine on Jonas Salk's mother? Nobody.


Viral Video of the Day (3/18/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Boston Dynamics Big Dog (new video March 2008)

BDI just released a new video of the Big Dog on ice and snow, and also demoing its walking gait. I know what you're thinking, what the hell is the Big Dog? Boston Dynamics makes this odd-looking, gasoline-powered robot that looks like two guys carrying a couch, but acts almost alive. It's pretty much either the coolest or scariest thing ever, depending on how you look at it.

"BigDog is powered by a gasoline engine that drives a hydraulic actuation system. BigDog's legs are articulated like an animal's, and have compliant elements that absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next. BigDog is the size of a large dog or small mule, measuring 1 meter long, 0.7 meters tall and 75 kg weight.

BigDog has an on-board computer that controls locomotion, servos the legs and handles a wide variety of sensors. BigDog's control system manages the dynamics of its behavior to keep it balanced, steer, navigate, and regulate energetics as conditions vary. Sensors for locomotion include joint position, joint force, ground contact, ground load, a laser gyroscope, and a stereo vision system. Other sensors focus on the internal state of BigDog, monitoring the hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, engine temperature, rpm, battery charge and others.

So far, BigDog has trotted at 3.3 mph, climbed a 35 degree slope and carried a 340 lb load. I'm so glad all those movies are going to come true, and we're going to have to fight these robot beasts. Science damn you!


A Quick Cheesing

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, March 17, 2008 , ,
We wake up our friends with some Intense, Fast-Paced Cheese to the face!

This is the short and updated version of one of my old videos, "The Cheese Incident", which has appeared on the Maury Povich Show and Country Fried Home Videos on CMT.


Yak Balls Drops a Line: Speaks To the Rapper About His New Album Scifentology II

Yak Ballz
Interview by Matt Conley, National Correspondent. Photos Courtesy of and

Yak Ballz, seen here performing on stage, says "the dynamic of playing live and experiencing that certain unique feeling that comes from it is special
With his latest album Scifentology II in stores, Yak Ballz of the rap group Weathermen took some time out of his promotion schedule to discuss his rap career and his new record. Scifentology II, which features appearances from Cage, Tame 1, Peter Toh, and others, is getting a strong industry buzz for its witty lyrics, raw beats, and creative production. Beyond discussing the story behind his rise through the ranks of rap and the record itself, the first thing on our minds was what’s up with the name Yak Ballz?

247: I’m sure many people often wonder where your stage name came from. What’s the story behind the name Yak Ballz?

YB: It was given to as a joke when I was 16 years old by my friends Angelo Baque and Bobbito Garcia. It stuck with me up until this point. I’ll never live it down.

247: Can you describe what led you to a career in rap music?

YB: My love for music as a child. I used watch a lot of music videos growing up. I did one of those 80’s laser music videos on the boardwalk to a Beach Boys song with my sister as a kid. I think that’s what might have done it.

247: What do you bring to the industry that you feel sets you apart from other rappers?

YB: Probably just being myself and taking risks.

247: What were your earliest musical influences and how have the trends and varying sounds of popular, and underground, music changed you as an artist over the years?

YB: A Tribe Called Quest, Michael Jackson, Organized Konfusion, and Mobb Deep, to name a few. Learning how and why pop music can reach such a broad audience is one factor I’ve been affected by and always appreciated growing up. I constantly look for ways to evolve as an artist so having the freedom that goes hand in hand with independent music has helped me grow and develop my skills.
I’ve become even more focused and I’m just always aiming to sustain a high level of continuity in my music. David Bowie is playing in my head right now.

247: You grew up in New York. How did that environment help shape your music?

YB: I was born in the 80’s so the 90’s was my era in terms of being old enough for important memories and impressions to stick with me until now. New York in the 90’s was more edgy, unsafe, and, for lack of a better, word "iller." Terrorist threats were never as prevalent as they are now but the threat of getting jumped for your sneakers or backpack was a reality.
Shit was real. Graffiti was better. Style was original. Hip Hop was inspiring. I’m a product of all these things. The production I chose was very raw and I wrote about what I knew, saw, and what my life consisted of, which wasn’t much of anything else beyond the parameters of city.

247: You first really came on the scene in the late ’90s during a period of time when underground rap was really taking off and being recognized by a more mainstream crowd. Where does underground rap, or indie rap, stand in 2008?

YB: Independent Hip Hop has broken a lot of barriers and is bigger than ever, which translates into us as artists to actually be able to make a legitimate living in doing what makes us the happiest.
In the ’90s I don’t think people ever thought they would be seeing what was considered "underground" playing at shows with thousands of people in attendance and seeing their favorite independent artists videos aired on MTVU or MTV2. Then again those mediums didn’t exist either.

247: What has your experience with Weathermen been like? And what is it like to drift between solo projects and group collaborations?

YB: It’s been pretty amazing. With any group there will be differences and sometimes people don’t all grow as one unit so changes are made. Weathermen is a progressive and forward thinking movement. Everyone involved now is on the same page creatively making some really profound music together. Collaborating and doing solo stuff is the beauty of Weathermen.
Every person in the crew has a solo career but the relationships between all of us are so tight that we find ways to work together all the time. It’s been a great pleasure and an honor to have such brilliant musicians around me for so many years now.

247: Do you prefer the confines of the studio or are you more into performing live?

YB: Both worlds are equally as important, but depending what kind of mood I’m in I prefer one to the other. I get anxious sometimes and the thought of playing a show is not a happy one but when I’m up there it’s not so bad.
However, other times I really can’t wait to get on stage and rock. The dynamic of playing live and experiencing that certain unique feeling that comes from it is special. I couldn’t pick one.

247: Your latest album is Scifentology II and it’s out in stores this month. How do you feel this album measures up to projects you have done in the past?

YB: Scifentology II, to me, is a cut above all of my previous projects hands down. I took the advice of my friend EL-P who told me to dig deep and give it everything I have in me on every track. At this stage in my life, I didn’t feel like I had much of a choice but to do so, and previously the sense of urgency wasn’t nearly as strong as it is now. I was in school and music was what I always wanted to do full time but it was impossible devote myself one hundred percent. Now music is my lifeline so nothing I’ve done before is remotely fucking with this album.

247: What projects are you currently working on besides promoting Scifentology II? And what other plans do you have for 2008? Also, what can fans expect from Weathermen?

YB: I’m forever working; thinking and writing.
However, at the present time all my eggs are in the Scifentology II basket. I work closely with Scifen, the clothing company, and (I am in the process of) getting the right people aware of the product. My friends and label mates Slow Suicide Stimulus are working on a new record and I’ve been in the studio with them as they record and staying pretty involved in the process of good music being created in my circle. I’ve already got a few songs written for a new record.
I think my next goal is to get some type of column in a magazine. I love magazines. Fans can expect solo projects from Cage, Tame One, and Camu Tao as well as a Weathermen record that is speculated to be released some time in ’08. We’ll see.

247: On behalf of I want to thank you very much for your time.

YB: Thank you for having me.

For more information on Yak Ballz, visit his MySpace page by clicking here.

Check out "YakBallzTV" on YouTube by clicking here.

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Howard Stern Prank Call - C-SPAN - Ball Sac Tea Bagger

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"I am Ball Sac Tea Bagger". The great Captain Janks is known for his many years of classic prank phone calls to News Shows, where he always seems to fool the people into thinking he is an important person, involved in whatever situation they're discussing. These clips are always so funny on the Howard Stern show, but they're even funnier when you see their reactions!


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out - Beating Tyson!

Adam Schleichkorn ,
I was in to video games when I was a kid, but I was never a super nerd (like Dan Taft), so I never really "beat" that many of them. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was one of the greatest Nintendo Games of all-time, and one of my personal favorites. The thing is though, that it was freakin hard as hell! I used to be able to get up to Super Macho Man, and he'd usually pummel me in the first round. After (probably) months of frustration, my father figured out how to beat him occasionally, which got us up to Tyson, literally only about 3 or 4 times. My dad was always nice enough to let me play Tyson, but of course, he would knock me out in one punch! (just like Robin Givens, oh!) So he gave it a shot once or twice, and we could never beat him. All we wanted was to see how the freakin game ended, but after months of hardships, we finally gave up. Again I wasn't a super nerd, so I was able to forgot about the anguish Tyson caused me for many years, until now. I stumbled across a super nerd's video on Youtube, of him beating Tyson in the first round, and for the first time in my life, the ending of the game! Not only does he use the cheat code to get to Tyson, but this kid makes it look like the easiest thing in the world to beat him, which just makes me furious! To top it off though, check out the ending...


Viral Video of the Day (3/17/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Simply Teaching Big Regg How To Juggle...

Steve-O is just taking over the viral video game with his ridiculous antics. It also helps when Perez Hilton posts your clips, because that gave him a solid 250,000 views right off the bat, which is ridiculous. Perez is hands down the most influential person in internet videos right now? It goes like this, anything he posts gets to Youtube's Main Video Page, which is their 2nd most-viewed page, after the actual homepage. Yes, most people don't actually care about celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton is telling you what to watch on Youtube! Not to fear though, this can easily change, and you can be a part of the revolution. If you want QUALITY videos, everyday, just go to for the internet videos you want to watch!

This is a pretty good one though, and I especially love the description that was written by Steve-O himself -

"Steve-O Is Bipolar Big Time..."

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