White Kid Rapping - Kills it! (Part 2)

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, March 4, 2011 , , ,
The dramatic sequel to "White Kid Rapping - Kills it!"... DT is so gangster, that he can rap about Ponies and Rainbows, and still seem cool.


Station Softball Reality Show - Episode 20 - Alternate Episode

Station Softball Reality Show - Episode 20 - Alternate Episode - The following video is made entirely of footage that did not make the final cut of Episode 20, of The Station Softball Reality Show. This is not a Director's cut, or a Deleted Scenes show, ok well it kinda is, but not really. Let's just stop being jerks about it, and call it an Alternate Episode.

Starring: Galz (James Gallagher), Head (Chris Revell), and Garrett Steinger, the 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever. Featuring cameos by Mylo the Cat and James Catusco, the Worst Basketball Player Ever. Brought to you by Adam Schleichkorn of Hidden Track TV. This show is filmed on a small hand-held HD camera, with a $0 budget.


Difficult Cat

Mylo the Cat flips out on set of the video "Dramatic Cat, Again", when he's asked to do another take, and gets in a heated argument with his director, Adam Schleichkorn.

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