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Peter Toh Saturday, May 12, 2007 ,

Get ready for new crack! Dot and I spent the morning in the bronx remixing the treblemakers produced track "whatchulike" by D.O.T. Here's some blurry camera phone pics of dot and middlefinga of the treblemakers getting it in. Big up bronx and big up treblemakers for making this monster club banger. I'm still in the car so ill post the new version on D.O.T.'s myspace page when I get home.

Worst Basketball Player Ever

James Catusco is...The Worst Basketball Player Ever


My friends both on the cover!

Peter Toh
mama on the cover of the voice!

lil mama like fam to me here's the write up,breihan,76567,22.html

rebecca on the cover of vice!

that's my friend rebecca schiffman on the right. here's the article

congrats ladies!

Straight Razor Shape Up

Peter Toh

Thank god its friday

Sandbox TV!

Peter Toh ,

World wide web meet sandbox tv. Sandbox tv meet world wide web. Top pic is rob gilbert of sandbox tv and ron of familiar faces. Below is ivan. Very good people. Below is manu lawrence the visionary founder of sandbox tv and also my good friend. If you don't know what they do its ok people don't really fully understand the internet tv thing yet. But these guys will stop at nothing to show you, stay posted for the launch of hidden track tvs channel on sandbox tv! And a long and tight kinship with these pioneers... Thanks guys

A Man Among Cats

The trailer for A Man Among Cats, a spoof on A Man Among Wolves on the National Geographic Channel, starring The Worst Basketball Player Ever, James Catusco.


Hidden Track TV

Adam Schleichkorn ,
This page is going to be the spot for all of us from Hidden Track TV to post updates, news, videos, funny stories, and everything else that's going on with us from BK to LI to the BX. This page is just getting started, but we're going to be coming through with a ton of stuff, so keep posted..
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