Sneak Attack

Dan Taft Saturday, January 12, 2008

The upcoming blockbuster novella, "Virus," is almost here. I have been writing a masterpiece over the past several years which is truly unrivaled in the field of the printed word. The book is a sci-fi thriller, the likes of which the world has never seen. A three-part trilogy, Virus is like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings combined times 10. If you don't believe me, just read the book. Then you'll see.
There's a lot of other projects that I'm working on too. You don't even know. Remember that guy who wrote a movie script and then he got really famous. Everyone told him he couldn't do it either. But look at him now. I'm sure he laughs his ass off every time he thinks about all those losers telling him he'll never amount to anything. Look who's laughing now. All the way to the bank!

Yak Ballz Interview Part 2

Yak Ballz
Part 2 of Yak Ballz being interviewed by Nasty Vaz about the upcoming release of Scifentology II on January 29th, 2008. Go to and Click Subscribe.




Unreleased Last Stryder Recordings Posted!

Peter Toh Thursday, January 10, 2008 ,

A lot of people have asked me for the two Stryder songs that we posted on our website when we broke up. I always tell them I lost them but now someone found them! There is a new Stryder myspace page that has just posted the two songs we recorded after Jungle City Twitch, in my mother's house in Long Island. You can download them there.

After we did these songs we decided to do our own things. I think as a band we had no idea what our own definition of success was and also built too much tension between us as people by failing to communicate our individual visions and criteria for success. Even if we tried though, we wouldn't know. I still am trying to figure out my own ideas about what success is as a songwriter and artist. My criteria change as much as these current times.

Our sound on these two last songs makes me think about what our next album would have sounded like, but the sound is also cool because it was two song writing partners polarizing in styles and direction. It was the sound of our death. Slowly we were growing apart as friends and brothers too, also ultimately our reason for demise as a band.

Sometimes I listen back to our music and think it's funny or embarrassing, and cringe at some lyrics that I actually wrote. But if anything I'm proud we went out and faced the world blindly and openly as teenagers and were given the opportunity to see our country first hand, and to add another musical brick in our wall of culture. I know more about my own vision and my ultimate dream now that I've been through it and hold these last two recordings very dear and am glad they're back.


Internet: The New TV

Dan Taft

In 1947 a new phenomenon was introduced to the American public. Although the vast majority of people wouldn't be interested in purchasing one or able to afford one until the late 50s, TV was destined to become one of the most common and influential products ever.
Television, however, may eventually lose out to the bottomless pit of entertainment know as the world wide web. TV networks are aware of this, and they are beginning to stake their claims on the net, but this transition from TV to the Internet may provide an arena for a new phenomenon.
Entrepreneurial, talented individuals and companies may have a new frontier to explore and eventually take over, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a new generation of powerful media tycoons take control of video entertainment. The day may come sooner rather than later when a company like the one I write for, Hidden Track TV, becomes a household name. And while CBS, NBC, and the mega-channels that exist now won't be in jeopardy of going out of business, they very well may need to make room for a new breed.

"Ages" Music Video Featured on Revver

Adam Schleichkorn ,
The people over at Revver are awesome! They just featured another one of our videos (the "Ages" Music Video by Peter Toh) as one of their editor's picks! Check out Hidden Track TV's channel on Revver at


The Drama Prairie Cat Continues it's Dominance

Last week when 2007 ended, we told you that it was time for the Drama Prairie Dog to step aside, and make way for the adorable Drama Prairie Cat, and once again 2008 is proving to be Lulu the Cat's year...Check out the latest big-time post on I-AM-BORED which is a site that only accepts the cream of the crop!

Hire Isiah

Dan Taft Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10. You could hire Isiah as a bathroom attendant at a posh night club.

9. Perhaps you might hire Isiah as a dj at your local strip club.

8. Let's hire Isiah as the next president of the United States of America.

7. They should hire Isiah as the GM and coach of the Boston Celtics.

6. Maybe Isiah would make a good judge on American Idol.

5. We should hire Isiah to poison Isiah Thomas with poison.

4. Isiah would make a good prostitute seem sub par at best.

3. I might hire Isiah to eat a medium sized child.

2. They could hire Isiah to fire Isiah.

1. Hire Isiah to hire Jeff Van Gundy to kill Isiah and take back the Knicks!

Drama Prairie Cat Featured on Revver

The Drama Prairie Cat is featured on Revver's main page as an editor's pick! We told you 2008 is the year of the Drama Prairie Cat, and it's already continuing it's rein...


Dr. Keith Ablow on Fence Plowing

Adam Schleichkorn Sunday, January 6, 2008 , ,
Dr. Keith Ablow shares his thoughts on the dangerous web trend of "Fence Plowing"...


Basketball Diaries: 1st Entry

Let me paint you a picture...In the summer of 1993, there was an 11-year-old Jewish boy who devoted his entire life to basketball. That boy was I, Adam Schleichkorn, and I was booked for an entire summer of basketball camp at Lu-Hi, in Brookville Long Island. I still had full aspirations of being in the NBA at this point in my life, and for a little Jewish kid, I could really play. I busted my ass at camp to get better everyday, and it was happening. Every session on the first day, I would get moved up to an older age group, and still excel. I was voted an all-star at the end of every session, playing with the kids that were sometimes even 3 years older than me. I was on top of my little basketball world, until this one dreaded day towards the end of that summer.
The entire camp was in the gym, and we had a guest speaker, Bill Wennington of The Chicago Bulls. He gave us this boring speech, and then started going around the crowd, playing 1-on-1 against different campers. He played the first two very easily, let them have the ball, and barely played defense. He then went up against one of the high schoolers, and he went at him really strong. The kid stopped Wennington, then backed him in, and scored on him! A high-school kid scoring on an NBA player! The whole crowd erupted, and Wennington was pissed! He starts looking around, and looks at me sitting there, and throws me the ball. Let me remind you that I was 5 feet tall, 11 years old, and he is a 7 foot tall NBA player, who was just embarrassed in front of a couple thousand people. So Bill was nice enough to give me the ball first. I look up, and he was guarding me close, I mean really guarding me! I dribbled in, came back behind the 3-point line, and heaved up a prayer. Bill then proceeds to block the ever-living shit out of my shot, and recover the ball. I line up to play defense, and he drives hard to the hoop. I had to get out of the way, because he was about to barrel me over. He then throws the ball of the backboard, catches it in the air, then dunks it with authority, and comes crashing down in to me. So not only did he serve me in front of the whole camp, I was in pain for about 2 weeks thereafter from a 7-footer landing on me.
Way to go Bill Wennington, you sure showed em. This story is 100% true, and was the start of my realization about the NBA possibly being out of my reach. I'm confident that I would've made the NBA though, if I was about a foot and a half taller.

Suck My Caucus

Dan Taft

As the future presidents of the United States of America all jockey for position while eating pizza and cheating on the first ladies out in chilly Iowa, the poor man rolls along. Who is this poor man? Me, you say? No, my silly friend, it's you. Cheers brotha.

But seriously, I couldn't care less about these Iowa caucuses. I mean, Iowa? That's far away- why would I care about anything that happens far away from my comfortable little house. Ha- I wouldn't. And you shouldn't either. I say, in 2008, we boycott the elections. After that, anarchy can reign and Mel Gibson will drive up on his motorcycle and really take over. That's what the world needs now. Mel Gibson running shit on a bad ass hog.
Why aren't I smoking a bowl right now?
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