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Unreleased Last Stryder Recordings Posted!

Peter Toh Thursday, January 10, 2008 ,

A lot of people have asked me for the two Stryder songs that we posted on our website when we broke up. I always tell them I lost them but now someone found them! There is a new Stryder myspace page that has just posted the two songs we recorded after Jungle City Twitch, in my mother's house in Long Island. You can download them there.

After we did these songs we decided to do our own things. I think as a band we had no idea what our own definition of success was and also built too much tension between us as people by failing to communicate our individual visions and criteria for success. Even if we tried though, we wouldn't know. I still am trying to figure out my own ideas about what success is as a songwriter and artist. My criteria change as much as these current times.

Our sound on these two last songs makes me think about what our next album would have sounded like, but the sound is also cool because it was two song writing partners polarizing in styles and direction. It was the sound of our death. Slowly we were growing apart as friends and brothers too, also ultimately our reason for demise as a band.

Sometimes I listen back to our music and think it's funny or embarrassing, and cringe at some lyrics that I actually wrote. But if anything I'm proud we went out and faced the world blindly and openly as teenagers and were given the opportunity to see our country first hand, and to add another musical brick in our wall of culture. I know more about my own vision and my ultimate dream now that I've been through it and hold these last two recordings very dear and am glad they're back.



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