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Suck My Caucus

Dan Taft Sunday, January 6, 2008

As the future presidents of the United States of America all jockey for position while eating pizza and cheating on the first ladies out in chilly Iowa, the poor man rolls along. Who is this poor man? Me, you say? No, my silly friend, it's you. Cheers brotha.

But seriously, I couldn't care less about these Iowa caucuses. I mean, Iowa? That's far away- why would I care about anything that happens far away from my comfortable little house. Ha- I wouldn't. And you shouldn't either. I say, in 2008, we boycott the elections. After that, anarchy can reign and Mel Gibson will drive up on his motorcycle and really take over. That's what the world needs now. Mel Gibson running shit on a bad ass hog.
Why aren't I smoking a bowl right now?


Anonymous said...

Well done, keep it up ya'll

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