The Promoter - Episode 3 Preview

Reverend Bob Levy Friday, May 9, 2008 ,
The Official Preview for Episode 3 of "The Promoter", the Web Series by the Killers of Comedy, coming soon to

Starring Sequoia Slentz (The Promoter), The Reverend Bob Levy, Beetlejuice, Shuli, Jim Florentine, Yucko the Clown, and The Iron Sheik.

Brought to you by the Killers of Comedy of the Howard Stern Show, Cleanbox Entertainment, and 3rd Floor Films.


NBA Playoff Preview: May 9th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Andre Aldridge breaks down Friday's postseason action.


NBA TV Top 10: May 8

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 8th, 2008.


Top 10 Nintendo Games From Back In The Day When I Was Young, I’m Not A Kid Anymore, But Some Days, I Sit And Wish I Was A Kid Again

Dan Taft
Let me know what you think- everyone had their favorites back in the day, when they were young, they also aren’t kids anymore, but I bet some days, they sit and wish they were a kid again. By the way, I’m playing, this is my house, so you can’t play.

10. Wizards and Warriors - Really cool game- I loved it. Don’t know what else to say. Side scrolling; there, there’s something else.

9. Duck Tales - The cartoon was great, and the game was great. Hopefully one day I’ll be as rich and sexy as Scrooge McDuck.

8. Baseball Stars - This was like the only game back then that you could be an owner/GM and do salaries and free agency and stuff like that. It was very kewl.

7. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out - I beat this game, and I bet you never could, Adam, you loser. How many cartoon Video Game vixens do you think Don Flamenco was baggin’?

6. Contra - Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start. I will remember that on my fuckin’ death bed for Zorgo’s sake.

5. Super Mario Brothers 2 - All three were great, but I liked this one the best because Toad was the man and I think he used to trip out because he pulled the mushrooms out of the ground so much faster than the other characters.

4. Battle of Olympus - This may be the hardest game I’ve ever played, at least when I was a laddie. Greek Mythology is cool, and it is my religion, and I loved any game where you could turn it off and then continue where you left off the next time you played. I think that was called saving.

3. Dragon Warrior - I used to take my hermit crab out of his cage and let him walk around on the Dragon Warrior map while I gleefully played this little doozie. Another “saver,” Dragon Warrior was great, and I don’t think I ever beat it either because it was also kind of hard.

2. Metroid - If it wasn’t for my cousin Ronnie, I never would have beaten Metroid, but I did. Metroid was a kick ass game and I would play it right now if I had the chance.

1. The Legend of Zelda - For it’s time, perhaps the best video game ever made, I love Zelda so much that I bought a working copy off of E-Bay recently so I could play it all over again (and beat it in about 3 hours).

Honorable Mentions: Tecmo Bowl, Super Tecmo Bowl, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Adventure Island

Viral Video of the Day (5/9/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Little Kid vs Tuba Player

Some little kid is running around and generally being annoying while this band is performing for a crowd. The tuba player in the back right doesn't put up with that kind of crap.

Little Kid vs Tuba Player - Watch more free videos

Classic Music Videos - "Mass Appeal" by Gangstarr

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Mass Appeal" by Gangstarr.


Classic Music Videos - "So What'cha Want" by Beastie Boys

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"So What'cha Want" by Beastie Boys


Classic Music Videos - "One" by Metallica

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"One" by Metallica.


Classic Music Videos - "How About Some Hardcore" by M.O.P.

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"How About Some Hardcore" by M.O.P.


Classic Music Videos - "Renee" by Lost Boyz

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Renee" by Lost Boyz.


Beetlejuice and Shuli in Boston Part 2

Reverend Bob Levy Thursday, May 8, 2008 ,
Part 2 of Beetlejuice, Shuli, and High Pitch Eric in the hotel after the show in Boston on the Killers of Comedy Tour.

For More Videos go to

Also be sure to check out

And the Brand New

Review by

Yak Ballz
CLICK HERE to check out the review of Scifentology II by Yak Ballz. Click the album cover in the side bar of this page to purchase Scifentology II.

Top 10 Toughest Tough Guys Ever

Dan Taft
I’m tough. Real tough. Tougher than that “Hangin’ Tough” song, and that “Tough Enough” song too. But some of the guys listed below are even tougher than me (barely). Here they are, in order, for your enjoyment:

10. Bobby Knight - Bobby Knight must have been beaten every day of his life during his first 18 years. He just comes across as one of those people who was persistently kicked in the ribs while trying to sleep. Knight might be the only basketball coach who has been known to consistently make grown men cry like little bitches.

9. The Tough Guys - Forget the Crips and the Bloods, the Hells Angels, the Italian Mafia, and any other notorious street gang or organized crime syndicate you may have heard of. The Tough Guys was a crew of really tough guys who went to Walt Whitman High School in the late 90s. With names like Cue-Ball, Sally Bananas, and Galdwin, these were people you just didn’t screw around with. Trust me- there has never been an army on earth who could have taken out this gang; just ask the Godfather.

8. Zeus - After almost killing Hulk Hogan in “No Holds Barred,” they made him lose to the Hulkster to save his image. But in real life, Zeus would have beat the shit out of Hulk, and then beat up his little son too. That’s just how Zeus gets down.

7. Officer Styles - Three time champion of the Best Triceps in Huntington contest, Officer Styles is a bloated, angry man who doesn’t take shit from no one, mostly. He used to have a fruity little dog, and then it died, so now he got a new fruity little dog. Cheers, brotha.

6. Mike Tyson - He’s not the best boxer ever by a long shot, but he is the only boxer who would mercilessly beat an innocent elderly person for accidentally glancing at him the wrong way. If some old white dude didn’t transport him upstate in his early teens Tyson would have probably killed at least 83 people by now. You’d be one of them.

5. Genghis Khan - Khan was a bloodthirsty warrior from the long, long ago when the leader of a nation or empire had to actually throw down and kill mad people. He did so without hesitation. He killed a shitload of foes by breaking down their shitty wall and pillaging. He did it his way.

4. Frank Dux - Not the real guy, but the one played by Van Damme. No one seems to know if the real Dux is actually a true badass, but the one in the movie definitely was! You can bet your sweet ass that Chung Lee regrets beating up that ugly biker guy who Dux loved so dearly. Not so pretty anymore, Chung!

3. Bruce Lee - Chung Lee’s older brother, clearly, as they have the same last name, Bruce Lee, contrary to popular belief, was actually a real person. And he kicked ass every day of his life. Plus his hair was awesome.

2. Martin Strel - You probably don’t know who this is, but the guy swam the Amazon River for Zorgo’s sake. The same Amazon River that’s filled with sharks, piranhas, and tiny microorganisms that get into your dickhole and cause horrible pain and scariness. If you ever see the documentary on this swim you’ll realize that Strel is a far tougher human than you or I, but especially you.

1. Begby - Ok, Begby isn’t real. But he is tough. Don’t fuck with him or he’ll shove a broken glass into your neck and he’ll enjoy doing it. Great character from 2 of the best novels ever written, Begby will beat or kill anyone who he feels like beating or killing, (depending on his level of anger directed at you), and no one can do a damn thing about it. Never insult Rod Stewart if you should find yourself in this fictional character’s presence. Also, stop doing acid if you find yourself in this fictional character’s presence. Or shrooms, or whatever the hell it is you’re on, hippie.

Classic Music Videos - "99.9 %" by Jeru the Damaja

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"99.9 %" by Jeru the Damaja.


Classic Music Videos - "Phone Tap" by The Firm ft. Dr. Dre

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Phone Tap" by The Firm (Nas, AZ, Nature, and Foxy Brown) ft. Dr. Dre.


Classic Music Videos - "Put It On" by Big L

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Put It On" by Big L.


Classic Music Videos - "Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails.


Classic Music Videos - "Shook Ones Pt. 2" by Mobb Deep

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Shook Ones Pt. 2" by Mobb Deep.


Classic Music Videos - "Tha Crossroads" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Tha Crossroads" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.


Classic Music Videos - "Lithium" by Nirvana

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Lithium" by Nirvana.


Classic Music Videos - "Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX.


Viral Video of the Day (5/8/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Mario: Game Over

The life of Mario from Mario Brothers fame, after the game has ended. This is from Poykpac, who I mentioned in the Mckibbin Article yesterday. "Mario: Game Over" was nominated for Best Comedy Video of 2007.


NBA Playoff Preview: May 8th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Playoff Preview for May 8th, 2008.


NBA TV Top 10: May 7th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 7th, 2008.


NY Times Article on Mckibbin Street Loft in Bushwick

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, May 7, 2008 , ,
Check out the article in the NY Times titled Young Artists Find a Private Space, Only Without the Privacy, which is about the Mckibbin Street Lofts in Bushwick. Hidden Track TV started it's operation over 2 years ago in those same lofts, and I actually brought up the idea of an article on this spot over a year ago. This place is a Mecca for aspiring musicians and artists in NY, who can't afford Manhattan prices, and also happens to be where all those damn hipsters are coming from. I don't know many people there today, but I do know that Helen Turner is there, and she's one of the top artists in New York!

Back when we were there, Mckibbin was home to many up-and-coming people, who have already went on to make some serious moves...

Peter Toh wrote, produced, and is featured on a track by Lil Mama, along with being the co-owner of Hidden Track TV.
Comedy troupe Poykpac has achieved much success with their many hit web videos, including "Mario: Game Over".
Team Facelift appeared on MTV as the featured artist of the week, and has since been getting rave reviews.
Adam Schleichkorn and James Catusco have been holding it down as well, you know it.
Chief Sneed of the Brooklyn Braves released "Native American Gangster", with DJ Rob Swift, along with "Reporting Live" with his partner Solo X. Sneed is also the star of Bad Biology, a film by Acclaimed director Frank Henenlotter and Rapper RA the Rugged Man.
Coma is another musician with tremendous talent, who has several solid joints.
There's a ton of other people who I may have forgot to mention, but there really was talent of all kinds behind every door, and it's great to see that it continues to go on today!

Top 10 Basketball Videos on Youtube

After months and months of research, I have compiled the Top 10 Best Basketball Videos on Youtube. I'm judging these clips on sheer coolness and watchabilty, and I know what I'm talking about, so I don't want to even hear it. For all of our loyal readers, don't worry, this is NOT a Dan Taft list. So without further ado, here's the Top 10 Basketball Videos on Youtube...

10. Amazing Basketball Shot (NBA) - The old commercial of Lebron James hitting 80 footers, from almost the full length of the court. This one is obviously fake, but still cool enough to come in at number 10.

9. Best Shot Ever - This clip is a trick shot, of a guy throwing the ball off a wall from a pretty far distance, and nailing it! He does it a second too with a bounce in between the wall and the basket.

8. Greatest Shot in Basketball History - Ben Brown aka BIG TIME - This one is like previous one on steroids. Same concept, but this wall is much further away, and Ben Brown aka "BIG TIME" adds some extra personality to it. One thing though, how much do you want to bet that NOBODY calls this dude "BIG TIME".

7. 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever - Garrett Steinger is... The 2nd Worst Basketball Player Ever. This is the first legitimate competition for James Catusco's title of "Worst Basketball Player Ever". When it comes to sports comedies, the people over at Hidden Track TV really know how to put together a solid piece. The editing and character development are flawless, and the soundtracks by Peter Toh and Altered Beast couldn't fit more perfectly.

6. An amazing basketball shot...... - Gavin Love who plays for Kularoos Plymouth Raiders basketball club in England made an amazing 3pt short from behind the half way line! See this is like Lebron James' shot, only real, with a hand in his face, and some serious contact. Money.

5. SICK BASKETBALL SHOTS!! - This kid has to be one of the best "horse" players of all-time. A ton of idiots on Youtube are trying to say that this is fake, but it's clearly not, as all of the camera shots are stationary. Some of these shots are absolutely ridiculous, and you can tell this probably took him a very long time to compile. This makes me wish that video cameras were more accessible when I was a kid, because I would've been doing the same thing!

4. Most Amazing Basketball Shot Ever - Blake Hoffarber's buzzer beater in the Minnesota State Championship game. This was a tough call for me, as I really could see this one higher than number 4, but that just goes to show you how great #s 1-3 are going to be!

3. The Best Basketball Shot Ever - As this guy is going after a pass that is about to go out of bounds, he saves it by throwing it behind his back. Not only does he save it, but the ball gets caught in the net, loops around while still being caught, and goes in! I've never once seen anything like this one happen.

2. The World's Most Amazing Basketball Shot - Guilford College vs Randolph Macon
January 31, 2005 - The yellow team sinks a free throw to win the game. (at least they think they do), but then miss the second free throw. A guy from the Purple team rebounds the ball and gets a shot off just milliseconds before the buzzer, from the opposite baseline.

1. Worst Basketball Player Ever Part 3 - Part 3 of the epic "Worst Basketball Player Ever" series, starring James Catusco. This series was originally created by myself, Adam Schleichkorn, for about 20-30 of our friends to get a good laugh at James' expense. Never once did we ever anticipate over 1 Million total views, random people starting fan clubs, 10 Myspace and Facebook requests a day, t-shirt requests, and responses from NBA players (Raja Bell). I'm not tooting my own horn, but it's coming in at number 1 because it's clearly proven it's internet dominance, and it's truly unique and original. If you have a problem with it, please email Dan Taft, because my response will just be Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Classic Music Videos - "CIA" by Zack de la Rocha, Last Emperor, and KRS-One

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"CIA" by Zack de la Rocha, Last Emperor, and KRS-One.


Classic Music Videos - "Breathe" by Prodigy

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Breathe" by Prodigy.


Classic Music Videos - "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine.


Viral Video of the Day (5/7/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Grand Theft Auto for the NES

The most violent game on the original Nintendo, besides Duck Hunt. (From College Humor)


NBA Playoff Preview: May 7th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Playoff Preview for May 7th, 2008.


NBA TV Top 10: May 6th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 6th, 2008.


Classic Music Videos - "Come Undone" by Duran Duran

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, May 6, 2008 ,
"Come Undone" by Duran Duran.


The Late Show - Top Ten Surprsing Facts About Barack Obama

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Dave Letterman presents the top 10 Surprising Facts About Barack Obama, featuring Barack Obama.


My Personal (And Soon to be Yours) Top 10 Cartoon Characters of All Times Listo Facto

Dan Taft
Before we begin- I may sometimes be inconsistent with the frequency of my blogs- too bad. I will not be made to feel somehow insufficient by one Adam Schleichkorn and his media machine with their mudslinging ways. Contrary to what you may have heard, I am an extremely busy individual. That is to say, I got a lot goin’ on. You don’t know me, so don’t try to play me. Words have been spoken.

10. Benjamin Katz (Dr. Katz) - Ben was Dr. Katz’s good-for-nothing, utterly unemployable, awesomely funny son. His business schemes peaked with his in-home pot-bellied pig venture, and he never looked back.

9. Space Ghost (Space Ghost) - I think Space Ghost is the only cartoon character to have an actual talk show/late show. And it was gold. Talk to anyone who spent the majority of the 90’s in a smoky haze and they will tell you that the motley crew of Brak, Zorak, Moltar and Space Ghost was providing some quality entertainment.

8. He-Man (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) - Make no mistake about it, He-Man was straight gangster. When I was a kid, it was He-Man, Inspector Gadget, and everyone else had to take a back seat. Damn, I done snuck the Inspector into the party ageen!

7. Fat Albert (Fat Albert) - Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Albert rolling in at number 7. A fat guy who runs shit? Who’da thunk it?

6. Eric Cartman (South Park) - South Park has so many great characters, but Cartman is obviously one of the best. While I’m on the topic though I gotta throw Satan in here, because when he makes his appearances he also makes the show (and the movie).

5. Bugs Bunny (Looney Toons) - Bugs is an original; his trickery and cross dressing provide a solid lesson for children worldwide, and his diet will keep him healthy for ages.

4. Donald Duck (Movie Star Extraordinaire) - Fuck Mickey Mouse; Donald Duck runs the Disney Empire, and has done so since day one. The best thing about Donald Duck is that he’s extremely underhanded, always an admirable trait.

3. Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones) - There would be no Homer Simpson without Fred Flintstone. He had a hot wife, a cool pet, and his car ran on feet. How can you top that?

2. Mr. Garrison (South Park) - Curveball- Mr. Garrison as the closeted homosexual in denial who taught his class about old sitcoms is just ingenious on so many levels that I can only graze the tip of the iceberg. His commentary on women, poon-tang and various other hilarious topics provide some of the all time great carton quotes. Thank God they made him a man again, so he can lash out at all those gay bashing homos.

1. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) - Ok, you may say that is a safe choice at number 1, but so what. Homer is the greatest cartoon character on the greatest cartoon of all time. You know what they say about the MVP in basketball- that’s the same reason Homer deserves to be here. Name me one other show that started off with a main character (Bart), and then realized that another character was pulling all the weight and switched the whole dynamic of the show to feature that character. You can’t, can you? That’s what I thought.

Classic Music Videos - "Leave it Alone" by NOFX

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Leave it Alone" by NOFX.


Viral Video of the Day (5/6/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Classic Faceplant Prank

These guys distract their friend on a golf course while a couple others sneak up from behind and cause a classic faceplant.

Classic Faceplant Prank - Watch more free videos

NBA TV Top 10: May 5th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 5th, 2008.


NBA Playoff Preview: May 6th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Playoff Preview for May 6th, 2008.


Worst Basketball Player Ever Part 4

The Worst Basketball Player Ever, James Catusco, shows his skills once again on the basketball court. He continues to inspire ballers all around the world, to step their games up.

Song titled "Heroes" by Peter Toh

Join the James Catusco Fan Club -


James Catusco in the News!

Well, kind of. James Catusco has received his first ever mention in a legitimate news source, The Northwest Herald, which is a newspaper in Illinois. Check out the story below...

Five on one: How bad are they?

TODAY’S TOPIC: How bad are they?

So the Bulls lost to the Miami Heat, owners of the league’s worst record (14-64), on Tuesday to end their playoff hopes. The Bulls probably feel bad because Miami is bad. But the Heat will get Dwyane Wade (above) and Shawn Marion back next season, and at least they’re not one of these five:

1. James Catusco. Who? Search YouTube for “worst basketball player” and you’ll find him. He’s, uh, not so good.

2. New York Knicks, 2002-08. Six seasons of losing, on the court of basketball and in a court of law, where last year the franchise was found liable for sexual harassment.

3. Philadelphia 76ers, 1972-73. They finished 9-73. They lost 20 in a row. They had the worst record in NBA history.

4. NJIT Highlanders. The 2007-08 squad went 0-29, a Division I record for the most losses without a win.

5. Washington Generals. They never figured out those Harlem Globetrotters and their wacky,

ball-spinning antics.

Haaaaaa! Freakin awesome! Check out the original post HERE

Viral Video of the Day (5/5/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

3-on-3 with Barack Obama

Barack hit the courts at the Maple Crest Middle School for a pick up game of basketball with the winners of the 3-on-3 Challenge for Change voter registration drive.

Announced by Herbie Ziskend, Obama motorcade coordinator.

He's actually a good player! I like the idea of a potential president being somewhat agile, and in shape, as opposed to one of these old frail guys!


Top 10 Best Wu-Tang Videos of All-Time

I feel no need to explain each one individually on this list, because they all speak for themselves. Looking back on the Wu-Tang Clan's reign of terror makes me hate the popular rap music today even more than I already do. I don't want to be one of those "back in my day" guys, but back in my day, rap music wasn't being played on the radio because it was commercial, it was being played because it was good. The RZA made some of the best beats ever during this time, and it was complimented by some of the hardest rhymes ever, by like 10 of the hardest rappers ever. Their group albums were some of the best albums ever, and they're solo albums were just incredible extensions of the group, with everyone putting their ego's aside, and helping each other out. They are the definition of real, and again, no group will ever even come close to comparing. So here it is, the Top 10 Best Wu-Tang Albums of All-Time.

10. "Reunited" by Wu-Tang Clan.

9. "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man" by Wu-Tang Clan.

8. "Brooklyn Zoo" by Ol' Dirty Bastard.

7. "You're All I Need" by Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige.

6. "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan.

5. "All That I Got Is You" by Ghostface Killah ft. Mary J. Blige.

4. "Triumph" by Wu-Tang Clan.

3. "Liquid Swords" by GZA.

2. "Incarcerated Scarfaces" by Raekwon.

1. "Protect Ya Neck" by Wu-Tang Clan.

Honorable Mentions:

"Slang Editorial" by Cappadonna.

"Holocaust (Silkworm)" by Bobby Digital aka The Rza.

"Tha Word on the Street" by Inspectah Deck.


Classic Music Videos - "Flava in ya Ear" (Remix) by Craig Mack

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Flava in ya Ear" (Remix) by Craig Mack featuring Biggie, LL Cool J, Rampage, and Busta Rhymes. One of, if not the most classic remix of all-time. This track shows us how ill Busta used to be, and reminds us that The Notorious B.I.G. is hands down, the best rapper of all-time.


Classic Music Videos - "Whateva Man" by Redman

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Whateva Man" by Redman.

NBA TV Top 10: May 4

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 4th, 2008.


NBA Playoff Preview: May 5th

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA TV's Andre Aldridge checks out Monday's postseason action, including Spurs-Hornets and Magic-Pistons.


Yak Ballz - Scifentology II West Coast Tour

Yak Ballz Sunday, May 4, 2008
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Viral Video of the Day (5/4/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

World's First Backflip On A Wheelchair

Got to give this guy some credit. He is the first person to ever complete a backflip on a wheelchair.

Worlds First Backflip On A Wheelchair - Watch more free videos

NBA TV Top 10: May 3

Adam Schleichkorn
NBA's Top 10 Plays for May 3rd, 2008.


Classic Music Videos - "Fantastic Voyage" by Coolio

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Fantastic Voyage" by Coolio.

Yea, this is a Coolio video. Try to say this isn't a classic, I dare you. Does anyone remember the days of music videos on MTV?


Classic Music Videos - "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

Adam Schleichkorn ,
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

Wah, you guys took 2 days off, Wah

Adam Schleichkorn , ,
Stop your bitching! We were flooded with emails complaining about 2 freaking days. Sorry, I was too busy finishing everything for my Masters degree. Peter Toh was too busy making future hits. And Dan Taft... well Dan Taft wasn't really that busy, he was just tired from eating a ton of fried cheese. So as much as we appreciate your emails, we feel the need to say, wahhhhhhh! Don't worry, we're not slacking!
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