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Top 10 Best Wu-Tang Videos of All-Time

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, May 5, 2008 , , ,
I feel no need to explain each one individually on this list, because they all speak for themselves. Looking back on the Wu-Tang Clan's reign of terror makes me hate the popular rap music today even more than I already do. I don't want to be one of those "back in my day" guys, but back in my day, rap music wasn't being played on the radio because it was commercial, it was being played because it was good. The RZA made some of the best beats ever during this time, and it was complimented by some of the hardest rhymes ever, by like 10 of the hardest rappers ever. Their group albums were some of the best albums ever, and they're solo albums were just incredible extensions of the group, with everyone putting their ego's aside, and helping each other out. They are the definition of real, and again, no group will ever even come close to comparing. So here it is, the Top 10 Best Wu-Tang Albums of All-Time.

10. "Reunited" by Wu-Tang Clan.

9. "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man" by Wu-Tang Clan.

8. "Brooklyn Zoo" by Ol' Dirty Bastard.

7. "You're All I Need" by Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige.

6. "C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan.

5. "All That I Got Is You" by Ghostface Killah ft. Mary J. Blige.

4. "Triumph" by Wu-Tang Clan.

3. "Liquid Swords" by GZA.

2. "Incarcerated Scarfaces" by Raekwon.

1. "Protect Ya Neck" by Wu-Tang Clan.

Honorable Mentions:

"Slang Editorial" by Cappadonna.

"Holocaust (Silkworm)" by Bobby Digital aka The Rza.

"Tha Word on the Street" by Inspectah Deck.

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