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Top 10 Nintendo Games From Back In The Day When I Was Young, I’m Not A Kid Anymore, But Some Days, I Sit And Wish I Was A Kid Again

Dan Taft Friday, May 9, 2008
Let me know what you think- everyone had their favorites back in the day, when they were young, they also aren’t kids anymore, but I bet some days, they sit and wish they were a kid again. By the way, I’m playing, this is my house, so you can’t play.

10. Wizards and Warriors - Really cool game- I loved it. Don’t know what else to say. Side scrolling; there, there’s something else.

9. Duck Tales - The cartoon was great, and the game was great. Hopefully one day I’ll be as rich and sexy as Scrooge McDuck.

8. Baseball Stars - This was like the only game back then that you could be an owner/GM and do salaries and free agency and stuff like that. It was very kewl.

7. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out - I beat this game, and I bet you never could, Adam, you loser. How many cartoon Video Game vixens do you think Don Flamenco was baggin’?

6. Contra - Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, select, start. I will remember that on my fuckin’ death bed for Zorgo’s sake.

5. Super Mario Brothers 2 - All three were great, but I liked this one the best because Toad was the man and I think he used to trip out because he pulled the mushrooms out of the ground so much faster than the other characters.

4. Battle of Olympus - This may be the hardest game I’ve ever played, at least when I was a laddie. Greek Mythology is cool, and it is my religion, and I loved any game where you could turn it off and then continue where you left off the next time you played. I think that was called saving.

3. Dragon Warrior - I used to take my hermit crab out of his cage and let him walk around on the Dragon Warrior map while I gleefully played this little doozie. Another “saver,” Dragon Warrior was great, and I don’t think I ever beat it either because it was also kind of hard.

2. Metroid - If it wasn’t for my cousin Ronnie, I never would have beaten Metroid, but I did. Metroid was a kick ass game and I would play it right now if I had the chance.

1. The Legend of Zelda - For it’s time, perhaps the best video game ever made, I love Zelda so much that I bought a working copy off of E-Bay recently so I could play it all over again (and beat it in about 3 hours).

Honorable Mentions: Tecmo Bowl, Super Tecmo Bowl, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Adventure Island


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