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NY Times Article on Mckibbin Street Loft in Bushwick

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, May 7, 2008 , ,
Check out the article in the NY Times titled Young Artists Find a Private Space, Only Without the Privacy, which is about the Mckibbin Street Lofts in Bushwick. Hidden Track TV started it's operation over 2 years ago in those same lofts, and I actually brought up the idea of an article on this spot over a year ago. This place is a Mecca for aspiring musicians and artists in NY, who can't afford Manhattan prices, and also happens to be where all those damn hipsters are coming from. I don't know many people there today, but I do know that Helen Turner is there, and she's one of the top artists in New York!

Back when we were there, Mckibbin was home to many up-and-coming people, who have already went on to make some serious moves...

Peter Toh wrote, produced, and is featured on a track by Lil Mama, along with being the co-owner of Hidden Track TV.
Comedy troupe Poykpac has achieved much success with their many hit web videos, including "Mario: Game Over".
Team Facelift appeared on MTV as the featured artist of the week, and has since been getting rave reviews.
Adam Schleichkorn and James Catusco have been holding it down as well, you know it.
Chief Sneed of the Brooklyn Braves released "Native American Gangster", with DJ Rob Swift, along with "Reporting Live" with his partner Solo X. Sneed is also the star of Bad Biology, a film by Acclaimed director Frank Henenlotter and Rapper RA the Rugged Man.
Coma is another musician with tremendous talent, who has several solid joints.
There's a ton of other people who I may have forgot to mention, but there really was talent of all kinds behind every door, and it's great to see that it continues to go on today!


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