Cat Does a Barrel Roll!

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, November 8, 2011 , , ,
Mylo the Cat does a freakin barrel roll!

Mylo the Angry Cat Part 47 - Another Freakin Ep About Yo Mama

Mylo the Cat talks about the direct response from the creators of the Youtube "show" Yo Mama. Say whatever you want about me, but that Yo Mama series is the biggest piece of crap on this entire website.

It's a Cute Puppy Dog!

Maw, what is that? It's a Cute Puppy Dog! Starring Maddy the Dog.

A Cat's Thoughts on Yo Mama

Mylo the Cat shares his thoughts on the terrible Youtube show, "Yo Mama", and responds directly to their recent video, "BRODY REACTS to HATER". Who the hell watches this stuff?

Mylo the Cat Bitches and Moans

Mylo the Cat bitches and moans about not having enough viewers, therefore not posting this week's angry cat episode. Instead, he posted a video that might actually have the potential get more than 4 views, and pretty much begs you to watch it.

Shortest Video on Youtube Part 7

I mean, if you're going to keep watching these, then Mylo the Cat is going to keep freakin making them.

Dramatic Cat 2012

Mylo the Cat is so far ahead of his time, he's already dropping a 2012 vid.

Mylo the Angry Cat Part 46 - MTC Phones it in

Mylo the Cat returns from his visit to Barry the Dog in Miami, and phones in a half-assed episode. He also reveals that a new singing animal video is coming soon, and that memebase stole one of his videos.

Mylo the Angry Cat Part 45 - Yo Mama is the Worst Show on Youtube

Mylo the Cat talks about how the series "Yo Mama" is the worst show on all of Youtube. He also talks about his upcoming visit to Barry the Dog, a new singing animal video, and shouts out one of Galz's only fans.

Shortest Video on Youtube (Autoplay Extended Version)

Mylo the Cat listens to all your requests, and creates an autoplay/extended version of his classic video, "Shortest Video on Youtube".

MTC Phones it In - Vlog University

Mylo the Cat phones in his thoughts on iJustine's new viral video review series, "Vlog University".

Mylo the Angry Cat Part 44 - Youtubers on 20/20

Mylo the Cat rips apart the 20/20 episode "Generation Youtube", including hate on the MysteryGuitarMan and all these cover song Youtubers. He also addresses the fact that his producer, Adam Schleichkorn, was the first Youtuber to ever appear on 20/20, back in 2007.

The Smiling Cat Part 8

There were about 3 comments on "The Smiling Cat Part 7" that said they wanted to see part 8, and that was enough for Mylo the Cat to keep this sorry attempt at a series going.

Mylo the Angry Cat Part 43 - Youtube Subscription Glitch, BlipTV, and Stuff

Mylo the Cat addresses the on-going Youtube Subscription Glitch, plus the possibility of moving his show over to BlipTV, and also talks about how terrible the iJustine Gaming channel is.
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