EWOK ONE Blogpost on Scifentology II

Yak Ballz Friday, January 25, 2008

If you don't know who Ewok One 5MH is...get in the know. He is a legendary graffiti writer, artist, senior designer at SCIFEN, and the dude responsible for all Yak Ballz artwork including the artwork for the Scifentology II cover and all related material.

Ewok posted a blog with a huge update including a very special secret revealed.

CLICK HERE or the image above for the blog update.

check out the rest of Ewoks site @

URB Anthology Mix by DJ Melski

Yak Ballz

URB Magazine posted the new URB-Anthology Mix by DJ Melski; a mega* mix of Yak Ballz song snippets ranging from the beginning to the present day (including a healthy dose of Scifentology II coming out on January 29th). Enjoy kiddies.

Yak Ballz - Live Scifentology II Tracks at Squeeze Radio

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, January 24, 2008 ,
Yak Ballz performs "Out of Range" produced by Camu Tao, and "Dirt Empire" produced by Aesop Rock, both from Scifentology II Live at Squeeze Radio, 89tec9 WKCR. Pick up the album January 29th in stores everywhere.

Iron Sheik's Views on Jews

Adam Schleichkorn ,
The Iron Sheik talks about how he feels about Jews, aimed at his manager, in a restaurant on tour with the Killers of Comedy. Subscribe to the Killers Official
Youtube Channel

Upcoming Killers Shows on February 2nd, 15th, and 16th. For the full schedule Go To

Exclusive First Look - The Promoter

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, January 23, 2008 ,
I just viewed an exclusive preview of the brand new web series from the Killers of Comedy, "The Promoter". This is a reality show that follows promoter, Sequoia Slentz as he goes from booking bands in a dive bar, to setting up a huge show for the Killers of Comedy, overnight. Besides Sequoia, the show stars The Reverend Bob Levy, Beetlejuice, The Iron Sheik, and all the other favorites from the Howard Stern Show. I absolutely loved the whole thing, especially the idea of seeing all these great Comedians in a "Reality" setting, which is something we really haven't seen before.
Sequoia contacted me a while ago in search of a production company in LA, so I set him up with 3rd Floor Films (, which is run by Tom Ragazzo and Michael Maccarone, who is an old friend of mine. Michael is one of the only people who can say that he has played the role of Howard Stern, as he played Howard as a kid in the smash hit "Private Parts", including one of the best scenes in the film, the infamous puppet show. Now years later, him and Tom run 3rd Floor Films, and have produced several very high-quality internet sketches, and Tom himself has worked on several reality shows. It's my job to promote the "Promoter", and I figured who better to handle the production than a REAL Stern fan! To top if off, these guys are pros, and it's always cool to get a professionally produced show for the web, since it doesn't happen too often at all.
So again, I'm thrilled with how it came out, and I really do think the fans will greatly appreciate the series. It's a great concept, that really came to life on screen, that keeps you laughing and interested throughout the entire episode. This is the first of many Original series that we'll be posting on The Killers Youtube Channel, which we're hoping is going to be the future "minor league" to Howard TV! I'm going to work on getting a preview up as soon as possible, but we're anticipating for the actual release to be on the Sunday after the Superbowl, so we'll keep you posted.

Third "Paid Dues" Hip Hop Festival Line-up Announced

Adam Schleichkorn
The following article is from

After last year's highly successful second annual Paid Dues festival, rapper and promoter of the festival MURS, in association with Guerilla Union (Rock the Bells, Cypress Hill Smoke Out) have announced its return.

Paid Dues showcases exclusively independent hip hop artists, as evinced by their lineup. Performing at the festival will be: Sage Francis, Little Brother, Jedi Mind Tricks, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Hieroglyphics, Visionaries, Boot Camp Clik with Black Moon, Kool Keith, P.O.S., A-Team, Mac Lethal, Fatlip & Omni, Yak Ballz, B. Dolan and Isaiah. MURS will be hosting the event, and there will be a suprise guest appearance.

“What we’re trying to do with Paid Dues as we go into our third year is: Number one is focus. Being that it's a festival birthed on the west coast we wanted to tailor the bill to appeal a little more to the region so we brought on local staples such as the A-team, Omni and Fatlip. To knock it out of the park we added the three major west coast crews Living Legends, Hieroglyphics and the Visionaries,” stated Murs.

“The second thing we are doing is expanding by grabbing more artists outside of the traditional indie hop family (ie Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Living Legends) so we approached Dilated Peoples and Little Brother. We also wanted to show some love to the decorated veterans of the independent hiphop scene so we reached out to Boot Camp Clik and Kool Keith. Third and most importantly we wanted to give back to the awesome fans who've supported us over the past two years to make the is the biggest and best Paid Dues yet. My partner Chang says third year is always the greatest and it seems to be like he's going to be right, again.”

"We are very proud to have partnered with Murs to build a true platform for independent hip-hop artists and their communities. The third annual episode combines the best and brightest artists from a myriad of labels, most of whom have new music or projects that can take advantage of our Paid Dues promotional platform,” added Chang Weisberg of Guerilla Union. “The Living Legends, Boot Camp Clik, Hieroglyphics and Murs all have special projects they will be showcasing for 2008. Sage Francis is working on his Strange and Famous label initiatives and I can't wait to see Kool Keith and Yak Ballz! We are especially excited that SanDisk has partnered with Paid Dues to continue their efforts to educate and empower conscious music fans by encouraging our DIY audience to capture, share and distribute content by ‘Waking Up Your Phone.’ It is a very strategic partnership that will help shape the distribution of content that all these artists are capable of producing and sharing with their communities via mobile, on-line and social networking. As always, I'm sure Murs has a couple surprises up his sleeve. Murs for President in 2008. I think he could give the current candidates a run for their money--lyrically speaking at least."

Written by: Slava Kuperstein

So for those of you who don't already know, I run the Youtube channels for Yak Ballz ( and the Killers of Comedy( So I was doing my daily Google searches, and I saw Yak interviewed by After reading the interview, I noticed that he interviewed the majority of the guys from the Killers, so I looked into his site, and Shabooty apparently stands for "Stern", "Hip-Hop", and "Booty". What a freakin magical combination! Those are pretty much my 3 reasons for waking up everyday, so I had to show his some respect. I knew the name sounded familiar, and it turns out that he was already subscribed to Hidden Track as well. Long story short, we're trading links with his site, but this isn't one of those fake links, we actually truly recommend that you go check his stuff out! Besides Yak and the Killers, he has a ton of QUALITY interviews up there, including Greg Fitzsimmons, Cage, El-P, and Daryl Palumbo. He takes a page out of Howard's book, and asks non-generic questions, that I'm sure some of these dudes were sweating when trying to answer! Again, check it out at

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Dan Taft

I used to refer to him as Heech Leather; at first I thought he wasn’t a very good actor who appeared in a bunch of meaningless and somewhat crappy movies. However, in the later part of his career he showed that he actually was a good actor. As much as the homophobes were scared to see the movie because it might bring out their secretly gay side, “Brokeback Mountain” was a pretty good movie in which he definitely stole the show. And it was important. Ledger also just wrapped production on the new Batman movie which also may show how talented he was.
Aside from that, I don’t really know anything about the guy. He was probably a good guy; it seems like he may have died from some drug related issue, which is a shame. I do want to point out one thing, though, which will probably be read as controversial. Any time someone dies at such a young age it is certainly tragic; however, the fact that his death gets the amount of press that it does in contrast to the minimal press that a soldier’s death gets says something about us as people. Even more so, look how little attention the deaths of the Iraqi civilians gets. On 9/11, several thousand innocent people died, which was certainly tragic. Since the beginning of the Iraq war, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died, but because they aren’t American, or because they aren’t a celebrity, people here don’t seem to give a shit. In Darfur people are being slaughtered and you never hear about it. I’m just sayin…

DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy
So, the AVNs were a bust and I came home with no wins. To avoid facing the shame of another terrible failure; I buried myself in work. In other words, baby sitting a bunch of grown ass men with social diseases. Two shows in Virginia and then two more nights at my club in Levittown, Pa.

Friday morning I met up with Beetlejuice at 8 am, he was in a great mood grabbing his manager Michelle’s ass and laughing as he gets in my car. He said he needed to go to the store for some smokes. So I told him to get me 2 packs of Marlboro Lights and he’s all, “OK, you got it, my man, I’ll take care of it.” He comes back and hands me 3 packs of Pall Mall 100’s with a lighter stuck to it. I said, “What the fuck is that? What happened to the Marlboro Lights?” Whatever, at least he’s not rubbing my ass and giggling.

We grab the Great Iron Shiek on our way passed Philly International and then we were off to Virginia. It was literally 3 hours of Beetle telling us how his wife likes when he sticks his whole hand in her ass. Yeah, she loves it, she must because he only stopped talking about it long enough to tell us all how the White House isn’t really in DC as we were passing through.

Finally we got to the hotel and by this point I really needed to get away from Beetle. So I went outside for a smoke but he followed and I noticed there was a pool. It was icey, dusted in snow and covered with some beat up tarp. I looked at Beetle and asked him if he wanted to go swimming - “Sure. I got no shorts. You got a pair for me?” I told him to ask the lady at the desk. She told him to come back in June and Beetle says ok I think I’m gonna be around here then.

Before the shows I pretended to go to sleep so I could be by myself for a minute. A week ago I was in Vegas eating wings out of some of the hottest asses in porn. The crowds in Virginia were great, don’t get me wrong, it’s funny what goes on week to week is all.

The next morning we got up and headed to my club. It was me, the sheik, Beetle and Shuli. Beetle taught us how to play poker. I didn’t know a flush beats a flush flush and to get a flush all you need is a king but Beetle says he’s a Poker World Series Champ and I believe him.

I showed the boys around my club, they were very impressed. We had a nice lunch and Beetle folded t-shirts we sell at the shows, guy must’ve worked in a sweat shop cause he’s good. I’d like to send him to Malaysia to sew soccer balls. He’d be some kind of all-star over there with his tiny fingers.

So, I figured a way to get Beetle not to drink anymore at the shows because last time he was drunk he tried to kill Sal the Stockbroker. I told beetle let’s make a bet, I’ll give you 100 bucks if you don’t drink tonight.

“You’re on, I don’t drink I get a dollar.”

“No, Beetle, a 100 dollars.”

“You’re on, mother fucker.”

So, we had 2 kickass shows and sung karaoke with the fans after. I gave Beetle the $100 that I’m gonna lose to him at every gig now. It’s better than being called an asshole by a drunk, 3 foot, black midget. Beetle is the best, if you get a chance go on his website and hire him for a private event - you will remember it for life.

Listen to Miserable Men this Sunday with our new co- host Al Rosenberg, along with Shuli. See ya next week, I’m gonna host the shows at my club this weekend and then next week move into my new place with my fiancee, details to come…

Later, fuckers.

-The Reverend Bob Levy

You can get more of the Rev Bob every Sunday night at 7:00 pm on his radio show Miserable Men, Sirius Satellite Radio - Howard 101.

Original Post from HotMovies the Blog


The G-Men Cometh

Dan Taft Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My latest predictions about the New York Giants going on to defeat the Packers and advance to the Superbowl have come to fruition. Simply put, I was right. Thus, I shall make yet another prediction. The New England Patriots have this storybook perfect season thing going on- well guess what; the best, and most ironic, ending to that story would be for them to lose it all at the last moment to an “unworthy” opponent. And it’s going to happen. Mark my words- you heard it here first San Diego- the Giants will win the Superbowl.

After my newest prediction comes to pass, I shall heretoforth be known as the great wise one, “Danimodous.” Keep the diamond-couches coming Garcon!

Palm Tree Pole Vault

Adam Schleichkorn
Our friend attempts to pole vault a bush with a palm tree branch on vacation in Florida. Music by Peter Toh titled "Digital Heart".


Aunt Minnie Speaks About Scifentology II

Yak Ballz Monday, January 21, 2008
Aunt Minnie speaks about the upcoming January 29th release of Scifentology II by Yak Ballz on Flospot Records, and she means it! Subscribe to


Jive Magazine Review of Scifentology II

Yak Ballz
Check it out at

Nostradamus Predicted the Giants would Win the Super Bowl in 2008

Dan Taft Sunday, January 20, 2008

You heard it here first- not only will the New York Giants defeat the Green Bay Packers this weekend at Lambo, they will go on to defeat the New England Patriots, thereby spoiling their almost perfect season.

In related news, the New York Knicks have won three games in a row, and I predict they will win their fourth game in a row tonight against the Washington Wizards. It is clear now that all the Knicks hate Stephon Marbury and play much better when he is wearing a funny little boot. So long Steph- I think it is safe to say he has played his last game as a Knick. The Knickerbockers will finish this season with a record around 34-48, and will end up with the fourth pick in the draft, selecting Derrick Rose and becoming an elite team in the Eastern Conference (not much of a feat) once again.

Isn’t it amazing how nice breasts are?

Dan Taft

I was just watching the preview for that Godzilla movie where he destroys New York City, and all of these preppy yuppy white assholes are talking into the camera about what an awesome time they’re going to have travelling to Japan on their parents’ dime, when I noticed a sexy lady swaying side to side to some song and I thought: “those breasts almost make this movie look interesting.”
Anyhoo, that video on myspace with the monkey pissing into his own mouth is great!

Bo Knows

I usually only post my own videos, or videos that I'm promoting, but I saw these "Bo Knows" commercials, and they just brought me back! I love how in the first one, the biggest stars from each sport at the time made cameos. A commercial like this nowadays would be huge!!!


Worst Basketball Player Ever Part 4 Featured on Youtube

Adam Schleichkorn
Part 4 of the epic Worst Basketball Player Ever Series is now being featured on Youtube in the Sports Section!! Check it out HERE or just watch the video below...


Beetlejuice, Shuli, and High Pitch Eric in Boston

Adam Schleichkorn ,
Beetlejuice, Shuli, and High Pitch Eric in the hotel after the show in Boston on the Killers of Comedy Tour.

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