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Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, January 23, 2008 , ,
So for those of you who don't already know, I run the Youtube channels for Yak Ballz ( and the Killers of Comedy( So I was doing my daily Google searches, and I saw Yak interviewed by After reading the interview, I noticed that he interviewed the majority of the guys from the Killers, so I looked into his site, and Shabooty apparently stands for "Stern", "Hip-Hop", and "Booty". What a freakin magical combination! Those are pretty much my 3 reasons for waking up everyday, so I had to show his some respect. I knew the name sounded familiar, and it turns out that he was already subscribed to Hidden Track as well. Long story short, we're trading links with his site, but this isn't one of those fake links, we actually truly recommend that you go check his stuff out! Besides Yak and the Killers, he has a ton of QUALITY interviews up there, including Greg Fitzsimmons, Cage, El-P, and Daryl Palumbo. He takes a page out of Howard's book, and asks non-generic questions, that I'm sure some of these dudes were sweating when trying to answer! Again, check it out at


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