Blunty3000 and Hidden Track TV Collabo

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, August 23, 2007 , , ,
Blunty3000, one of our favorite channels on Youtube, used "Ages" by Peter Toh in his latest video!!!! We can't thank him enough! Check it out...


Some New Spots to find Hidden Track TV

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, August 21, 2007 , , ,
I'm always trying to find new sites to post our videos, so here are a few of the new ones. Check them out, you might find your new favorite...

Myspace TV





Also the Drama Prairie Cat Exclusive Interview is featured on! . Check out Motiono's Featured Pets Videos.

D.O.T. - "Haters" Music Video

The music video for "Haters" by D.O.T. For more tracks from D.O.T. go to and for more videos, go to Beat by Al Streets, filmed and co-directed by Peter Toh, edited and co-directed by Adam Schleichkorn. - Hidden Track TV

Exclusive Interview with The Drama Prairie Cat!

An exclusive interview with the Drama Prairie Cat was scheduled, but due to tight booking she cancelled. Thankfuly we were able to interview the Drama Prairie Cat's real-life brother, Mylo! This is a very exclusive interview, hosted by Adam Schleichkorn.

The Latest from Hidden Track TV

I've been posting all the new videos from Hidden Track TV at, but I'm going to start posting everything here too, so here they are to catch you up! We're now responsible for over 2.5 million views over the web, and counting! Here's everything from the past 2 months...

Goats on a Boat

In August 2006, while Samuel L. Jackson was fighting "Snakes on a Plane", 30,000 feet below there where "GOATS ON A BOAT". This is a sketch done completely by our long-time friends at 3rd Floor Productions (Michael Maccarone and Anthony Ragazzo) and we're posting it here to get them the attention they truly deserve! Check out their other great sketches at and

Coma - Doin' Time (Sublime Cover)

Coma performs a cover of Doin' Time (Summertime) by Sublime. Check out for some tracks, and check our channel for more from Coma.

Ask Galz - The Best Advice on Youtube

Ask Galz is an on-going advice segment made for Youtubers, by Youtubers. Ask Galz your questions via video response or message, and he will answer you back right away, with the best advice you will ever receive.

Pedros Fest Biking Competition

Highlights from Pedros Fest 2007 Biking Competition. Clips supplied with full permission from Gary of Music by Peter Toh. 1st Track - "Dance Under the Stars" Main Track - "That's the Way it Goes".

Drama Prairie Cat - Shoes of a Beast

Hidden Track TV's "Shoes of a Beast" response to the Drama Prairie Dog video, Drama Prairie Cat.

Drama Prairie Cat - Kill Bill

Hidden Track TV's Kill Bill response to the Drama Prairie Dog video, Drama Prairie Cat.

Drama Prairie Cat

Hidden Track TV's response to the Drama Prairie Dog video, Drama Prairie Cat. We know that we'll never compare to the original, but we had to do it.

Peter Toh - Shoes of a Beast

Peter Toh's music video for his first single, "Shoes of a Beast" Check out more at and subscribe to

D.O.T. featuring Peter Toh

D.O.T. and Peter Toh perform in the hallway in Brooklyn. This song is brand new, and they are still deciding on a title.

Muchnik for Mayor

A commercial for a candidate running for mayor of Long Island's coolest town, Huntington.

The Cheese Incident

We wake up our friends by throwing wet American cheese in their faces.

Peter Toh - When We Were A Team

Peter Toh performs "When we were a team" acoustic in his kitchen in Brooklyn.

Botham City - Crazy Trumpet Solo

Zach Botham aka Botham City performs a crazy trumpet solo live at a show with The Braves (Chief Sneed, Solo 45). For more of Zach's trumpet performances, check out all of Peter Toh's live videos.

Peter Toh - Brand New Start ft. Botham City

Peter Toh performs "Brand New Start" with Zach Botham aka Botham City in their apartment in Brooklyn.

The Ham Attack

We wake up our boy by throwing wet sliced ham at him.

Coma - Grey Acoustic

An acoustic version of "Grey" by Coma. This is a member of Hidden Track TV's extended fam...

A while back, a kid walked directly into my apartment and asked "who's the kid with the studio." When I reluctantly answered that that was me he sat down in it and demanded that a mic be set up and a beat get played. This being totally out of the ordinary I obliged. He just let his voice go over whatever came his way. Giving me chills every few bars. He picked up an acoustic and played Deftones songs better than any acoustic Deftones performance I've heard.

Here is the first official Hidden Track TV broadcast of Steve Hall AKA Coma. Let this be a similar introduction that I had to this emmense raw talent. You can here his recordings at or see more of his vids at ENJOY!

Basketball in the Face

The boss gets nailed with a basketball in the face. Featuring a cameo by The worst basketball player ever, James Catusco.

Peter Toh - Only Chance Acoustic with Botham City

Peter Toh and Botham City perform "Only Chance" acoustic in their kitchen.

Quiksilver Contest - Hidden Track TV

Hidden Track TV's entry for the Quiksilver contest...Music - "Shoes of a Beast" by Peter Toh (used with full permission and rights) and video supplied by Quiksilver.

Peter Toh - Trifecta

Peter Toh creates a song and video simultaneously in his Brooklyn apartment. Starring Allie LaPorte, and James Catusco's cat Milo. This is Peter's first self made video...Even though I have two music videos under my belt I feel like this is my first one. I shot and edited this video myself with Adam's handheld camcorder. That's ADAM SCHLEICHKORN. The idea came to me as a video and the song was made for the video. I filmed all of my vocal takes in my bedroom so I could use the actual footage for the video. I used Logic Pro 7.2 to record it. I used imovie which is the free mac program to edit it. The pretty lady is Allie LaPorte. I couldn't thank her enough for believing in me.

The images are memories. I left the lyrics open ended without finishing sentences, there is no hook or verse. The song has three meanings to me personally, has three repetitions in each line and ends on the three minute mark. At least it did before youtube compressed it. Also, I posted a blog when I finished at 4:34 but the computer posted the time as 3:33 for some reason. wtf.

Some people might notice that "It's my lucky day," is the famous Bush quote when he refered to 9-11 by saying, "it's my lucky day, I hit the trifecta." The song is not political, but the number three is widely known as lucky, but also widely known as being closely linked to tragedy.

There's always a 3rd part of the story though, which is not tragic or lucky. Just true.
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