The Braves Drop their album!

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, August 29, 2007 ,

Our good friends, The Braves (Chief Sneed, Solo 45), released their first album yesterday titled "Reporting Live" featuing - Guest Appearance by: Canibus - Production by: Sneed, Domingo, Kno, Alias & Green Tank. - All cuts by: Total Eclipse of The X-ecutioners. Go to and buy the album right from their page!

Check out the write-up on their trip to LA to do a couple of shows, Written by Kristin Lee (FFTT Contributor)...

The weekend started off swiftly after delayed flights from New York to Atlanta to Los Angeles. The Braves (of Brooklyn, New York) managed to arrive at Evocal just in time to catch the end of SS Nova’s set and start their own.

The Braves - Brooklyn NYC The extended flight didn’t drain the hip-hoppers of an ounce of energy as they instantaneously rolled into their set with vim and vigor. Drinks were flowing and the crowd was swaying with the beat as the two mesmerized the audience with their microphones. It seemed as if the fun had just begun when they ended with a finale of battling keyboards and drum machines. The world came to a standstill before the room erupted with applause, laughter, screams and whistles. It simmered down, and there were hellos, hugs and drinks all around.

I had the privilege of spending the remainder of the weekend with the two New Yorkers, who go by their emcee names of Sneed and Solo. Amongst the highlights our many adventures in just three short days were forceful groupies, car wrecks, and lots of bubbly. The two were practically chased out of Evocal late Friday night by some young females before saving me from the side of the interstate at three in the morning (long story short: no one was hurt).

We managed to see the likes of the greater Los Angeles area between trips to In-N-Out, eccentric shoe stores, and cocktails. Saturday night, The Braves graced the stage of The Mint in West LA, peforming before a full house. Check their MySpace page in the near future for photos taken by yours truly.

To put a nice cap on a wild weekend in Cali, we suited up for a last supper at In-N-Out before catching a flick. On our way out the door, I was awarded a private concert in the foyer of my house, as the two went back and forth beatboxing and freestyling amongst themselves. I sat back and watched the pair play off of one another, and realized that the synergy between these two was the key to their imminent success. Finding humor along the road only sends them soaring further.

“Solo, you want a piece of gum man?”

“Nah, I swallowed mine while beatboxing.”

Smiles all around. Don’t miss The Braves next time they roll through your town.
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