Funny Video - Bake Bread in Bed Song

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, July 9, 2009 , ,
This funny video is as random as it gets. Basically, I took this guy's 2 hilarious catch phrases, and looped them into a short, ridiculous song. If you don't like this video, I'd love to hear your hater comments, because I obviously take myself very seriously, you toolsheds.


A Dog's Thoughts on Popular Youtube Singers

Since us humans are obviously not thinking clearly or rationally, here is a dog's thoughts on Popular Youtube Singers. Starring Barry the Talking Dog.


Excited Dog!

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, July 6, 2009 , , ,
The best 4 second clip on the internet!

We caught Barry the Dog in a really good mood... Although he is already a well known internet video actor, this is an attempt by Barry to really break into the mainstream. Clearly he's much cooler than any talking dog you've ever seen.

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