Peter Toh - Trifecta - Official Music Video

Adam Schleichkorn Saturday, March 8, 2008 , ,
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Peter Toh creates a song and video simultaneously in his Brooklyn apartment. Starring Allie LaPorte, and James Catusco's cat Milo. This is Peter's first self made video... - Hidden Track TV
in your room, it's my lucky day, lately, all these things i, all these things i say, do you remember when you, were all i had, do you remember when you and me?

Even though I have two music videos under my belt I feel like this is my first one. I shot and edited this video myself with Adam's handheld camcorder. That's ADAM SCHLEICHKORN. The idea came to me as a video and the song was made for the video. I filmed all of my vocal takes in my bedroom so I could use the actual footage for the video. I used Logic Pro 7.2 to record it. I used imovie which is the free mac program to edit it. The pretty lady is Allie LaPorte. I couldn't thank her enough for believing in me.

The images are memories. I left the lyrics open ended without finishing sentences, there is no hook or verse. The song has three meanings to me personally, has three repetitions in each line and ends on the three minute mark. At least it did before youtube compressed it. Also, I posted a blog when I finished at 4:34 but the computer posted the time as 3:33 for some reason. wtf.

Some people might notice that "It's my lucky day," is the famous Bush quote when he refered to 9-11 by saying, "it's my lucky day, I hit the trifecta." The song is not political, but the number three is widely known as lucky, but also widely known as being closely linked to tragedy.

There's always a 3rd part of the story though, which is not tragic or lucky. Just true.

Viral Video of the Day (3/8/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Robot Dance

The first dudes go up there, and do their thing, but the nerdy-looking kid absolutely destroys it! This is one of the best Viral Videos of All-Time!


Hidden Track TV2

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, March 7, 2008 , , , ,
We decided to start a new Youtube Channel, to showcase the videos that have been featured on other sites, but over-looked on Youtube. To get the record straight, Hidden Track TV2 will not be an instant flop like Coke2. We also figured that if MTV can make a second channel with hardly any programming, then we definitely can do it! In all seriousness though, SUBSCRIBE to our new channel. For the next week, anyone who subscribes will get 2 subscriptions back from us!!! Go to and CLICK SUBSCRIBE!

Here's our classic video, "Dramatic Kitty". Lulu the Cat would like the hideous-looking Dramatic Chipmunk, and the even uglier Dramatic Lemur to step aside for some adorable drama. Music titled "Shoes of a Beast" by Peter Toh


Viral Video of the Day (3/7/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Urban Ninja

This is the second day in a row that I have to go back to the archives. I looked around for about a half hour, and I couldn't find a thing, so I must request again for people to start stepping their games up! Anyway, today's video Urban Ninja features a kid jumping off roofs, climbing up walls, and doing some incredible stunts. I guess the title pretty much gives it away, but regardless, you get the idea, this video is awesome.


New Review of Scifentology II by URB Magazine

Yak Ballz
CLICK HERE to visit and check out the excellent new review of Scifentology II.

Get your CD copy of Scifentology II at

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Introducing the Ghost Faced Killa

Dan Taft Thursday, March 6, 2008 ,

So I was recently watching this video clip on this new site called YouTube, and the GZA was talking shit about Soldier Guy and Fifty Cents. And I thought, “word, GZA. You tell ‘em!” These buffoons today who try to kick that jive couldn’t hold a candle to the true rap legends that you and I grew up listening to. The RZA, the GZA, the Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef. UGOD, Ghostfaced Killa and the M-E-T-H-O-D Man! I think they left Masta Killa out of that one. Anyways, rap sucks. I’m not hatin’ my peoples, I’m just sayin’ that these young bloods out here today don’t know what you and me went through to make it possible for cats like Young Sneezy and Kwame to make it big in the hip hop hustle. If you watch my Behind the Music, you might start to understand that the Real MC’s like DT and the GZA had to pave the path with pavement and make pathways so these unappreciative bastards can make all this paper standing on our shoulders. It just ain’t right.
And speaking of ain’t right- what’s up with all of this dilly dallying recently? C’mon people, if we don’t hurry up we’ll never get anything done. The world isn’t going to fix itself. We need to get out there, really try hard and make a difference. We can do it if we work together and stay focused, but nothing is gonna get done at a snail’s pace. Now hurry the fuck up already!

Review from

Yak Ballz

Check out the review of Scifentology II below from

MC, Yashar Zadeh, better known as Yak Ballz brings strong material in the same vein as his previous social commentary. It's his style and he's got it down well. Verses are well thought out with sophist-a-flowic passion and he paints violent convoluted scenes of our society for sure. Yak Ballz rivals the greats like El Producto and occasionally exceeds them, emulating, replicating, and then regurgitating new questions and answers about who we are and what it all means in the urban material world. Not surprising, Aesop Rock from Def Jux, drops a guest appearance along with members of his former mates, The Weathermen. Beat production is thick and dirty in that rap rock way but with serious integrity. Yak Ballz keeps improving and evolving along with our ever-changing world in to new formal ideas and is definitely one to keep in your back pocket during angry contemplative times.

- Grant Inaba

Click Here For Original Post

Viral Video of the Day (3/6/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Real-Life Simpsons Intro

Ok so I know this is old as hell, but this is what I call a Viral Video. People often feel like Viral Videos are strictly stupid goofball antics that get caught on tape, but in actuality, it all started with classics like this. Our "football in the groin" generation would rather see idiocy, but I think we all agree that we need more people like this (and of course Hidden Track TV) making quality sketches for the internet. Don't get me wrong, I love me some good ole fashioned Jackass-like humor, but I mean, come on.


The Promoter - Episode 2 Preview

The Official Preview of Episode 2 of "The Promoter", the Web Series by the Killers of Comedy, coming next week to

Starring Sequoia Slentz (The Promoter), The Reverend Bob Levy, Beetlejuice, Shuli, Jim Florentine, Yucko the Clown, and The Iron Sheik.

Music by Peter Toh titled "Heroes".

Friday & Saturday March 7th & 8th @ 8 pm

The Club House Theater
1320 E Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ
*First-Come, First-Serve Seating
w/ The Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Shuli, Yucko the Clown, Beetlejuice, Brad Thacker & The Iron Sheik

Friday & Saturday March 21& 22 @ 8 pm

Republik Nightclub
End of Tour Shows
259 Richmond Street, West Toronto Ontario, Canada
Call: (416) 598-1632 for more information
w/ The Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Beetlejuice, Shuli, Sal Governale, & The Iron Shiek


Dan Taft Wednesday, March 5, 2008
I have a new column, loyal fans, which I’m sure you’ve noticed on your own. I am making top ten lists of all of my favorite things, and then I am adding witty little comments next to them. I am so clever. Anyway, when I listed my top 10 comedians, I definitely forgot about Chris Rock, who I love, and Richard Lewis, and probably some other people who are equally as awesome. Sorry guys. And I also recently listed the Top Ten Cartoons Of All Times, foolishly forgetting to mention some classics like “Pinky and The Brain,” “Duck Tales,” “Muppet Babies,” “Tailspin,” “Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers,” and some other ones that even as I write this I am still probably forgetting. Well, I will continue to create these lists so we have a formal record of everything and when people look back in the future there will be a proper history for them to learn from. However, if I forget to list stuff that deserves to be there, I apologize in advance. You can always contact me through this site and let me know your feelings on my lists and if I omitted any of your favorites. Toodeloo!

Gilbert Gottfried - Dirty Jokes - A little boy...

Adam Schleichkorn ,
From "Dirty Jokes," Gilbert tells a joke about a little boy, fumbles over the punch-line and messes it up completely. He then recovers amazingly and re-does the joke as Alan King, Bill Cosby, Jackie Mason, and of course, Jerry Seinfeld. When he actually does get it out, it's absolute gold, especially the Seinfeld version!


Blunty3000 Uses Peter Toh Track in Video

The other day, Nalts used an instrumental by Peter Toh in one of his videos, and now we're happy to announce that Blunty3000 has just done the same! Blunty3000 is another one of the Youtube Greats (over 34,000 subscribers), and this is now his second time using a Peter Toh track in one of his videos! Mark my words, landing songs/music in these high-traffic videos are going to become the new phenomenon, started over 6 months ago right here at Hidden Track TV. Still to this day, the thought of this is still way over people's heads, but get ready for record labels to start dropping new singles in videos. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are the amount of viewers in successful internet videos that far off from the crappy tv shows? So, record labels, remember who to give credit to when you rip off our idea!

Here's the video and description from Blunty3000 -

Brain Breakers, Nude Models and Bloopers

Quick update, two Brain Breakers and a request for help about the subject of Nude Models!

Indian Superman
Italian Spiderman

Music generously supplied by Peter Toh

Top 10 Cartoons

Dan Taft
I love cartoons- but not all cartoons are created equal. So, drum roll please… The top 10 Greatest Cartoons of all times:

10. Garfield and Friends - It’s an undeniable fact that Garfield is one of the greatest characters ever created. He sleeps all day, eats lasagna, and pretty much does whatever he wants to do. That fuckin’ dog never stood a chance.

9. Family Guy - I almost didn’t want to include Family Guy because after the original 3 seasons, which were incredible, this show came back on the air only to fall off the biggest cliff on planet earth. Everything that was so brilliant about the early episodes seemed to have been compromised to appease the increasingly unintelligent and ADD-ridden gen pop. Shout out to my man Inspector Gadget- I’m sneakin’ you in this party.

8. The Tick - Well before the movie “Mystery Men” and that dud of a show with Stan Lee on it, there was a Super Hero by the name of The Tick. The Tick, along with his bad-ass sidekick, Arthur, was responsible for cleaning up the mean streets of “The City”- always loved that. Yet another great cartoon that never should have been canceled.

7. Liquid Television - Aeon Flux, The Maxx, The Head, Beavis and Butthead (and later Daria). Sorry I had to throw these all in together, as they really were all great and completely able to stand on their own individual merits. Everyone knows Aeon Flux (thanks to the underwhelming movie that couldn’t hold a candle to the original cartoon), and everyone knows Beavis and Butthead. But if you don’t remember The Maxx or The Head, they are both totally worthwhile shows that kicked ass in their own unique ways. Check ‘em out, and do yourself a favor and watch the cartoon version of Aeon Flux to see what it was really about.

6. Space Ghost - Nothing better than getting way too high and watching this show- Space Ghost is probably the best talk show host ever, rivaled only by Conan O’Brien and maybe Johnny Carson. Sorry Johnny, but I’ve watched you after smoking a fat blunt and you just don’t do it for me like the ghost.

5. Batman - I’m talking about the original cartoon here, from the early 90s. Not the new crappy crap. This show was cool as hell and I’d still be watching it if they hadn’t turned it into goofy kiddie shit. I’m going to be a good father.

4. The Critic - I could probably just follow Jon Lovitz around all day and find it humorous. Even if he was just running errands and stuff. But this show was fantastic. Another cartoon that never should have been canceled.

3. Futurama - Why isn’t this show still on? Oh, that’s right, because it’s intelligent. Wouldn’t want anything like that on the air. I’m glad they replaced it with “I Love Bret Michaels.”

2. South Park - I could make an argument that this is the best cartoon ever- I don’t even think I really have to go into it; this is just one of the funniest shows ever to be put on TV. Everyone gets it on South Park, so much so that Isaac Hayes had to quit the show because they offended his boyfriend.

1. The Simpsons - I know you saw that coming, but, hey, what the hell? The show has fallen off- but the first 9 years were so perfect and so unbelievably funny that you have to give the show it’s respect. It truly defined a generation.

I know I didn’t mention Looney Toons. That’s why I’m mentioning it here. It laid the groundwork for the modern day cartoon, and we thank you, Mel Blanc. But you don’t get in my top ten even though Looney Toons is undeniably great. Life isn’t fair- deal with it.

Yak Ballz - Live at the Halftime Show (Part 2)

Yak Ballz spits an exclusive verse live in the studio at the Halftime Radio Show, WNYU (Part 2). Scifentology II available now on Itunes! Subscribe to Yak Ballz TV


Viral Video of the Day (3/5/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel

This old lady is crossing the street, and two cars crash into each other at a high speed about 5 feet away from her, nearly nailing her. I've never seen someone act so nonchalantly in a near death experience, and to top it off, she casually keeps on walking like nothing happened!

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel - Watch more free videos

Miserable Men Show Tonight @ 8 with Colin Quinn

Reverend Bob Levy Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Miserable Men Show is on in Ferrell's slot TONIGHT from 8 - 12 on Howard 101. Tune in for the Reverend Bob Levy, Shuli, Mike Morse, and Special Guest Colin Quinn. Check the upcoming Killers of Comedy shows below...

Friday & Saturday March 7th & 8th @ 8 pm

The Club House Theater
1320 E Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ
*First-Come, First-Serve Seating
w/ The Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Shuli, Yucko the Clown, Beetlejuice, Brad Thacker & The Iron Sheik

Friday & Saturday March 21& 22 @ 8 pm

Republik Nightclub
End of Tour Shows
259 Richmond Street, West Toronto Ontario, Canada
Call: (416) 598-1632 for more information
w/ The Reverend Bob Levy, Jim Florentine, Beetlejuice, Shuli, Sal Governale, & The Iron Shiek

Viral Video of the Day (3/4/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Neighbor War

Steve-O from Jackass getting in a fight with his neighbor. It turns out that his neighbor is a lawyer, and decided to press charges on him for harassment, and I believe he was arrested today. Steve-O posted all these clips himself, and now they're going to be used as evidence against him! There's 4 of these, and I think each one is funnier than the next. One of the four in the series has actually already been removed by Steve-O. That must have been the one with some seriously incriminating shit, because these other 3 are pretty ridiculous...

Meet and Greet

Steve-O breaks down the wall to his neighbor's apartment.

Steve-O Meet & Greet #2

Aftermath of the latest Steve-O Neighbor War


Spring Mountain Cyclocross

Cyclocross action heats up as the cold from Winter seeps in... Check out the racing at Pennsylvania's Spring Mountain Cyclocross race. For everything you need to know about biking, please go to

Music by Peter Toh titled "Missing Link"


Nalts Uses Peter Toh Track in Latest Video

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, March 3, 2008 ,
The great "Nalts", one of the top dogs on Youtube, was kind enough to use an instrumental by Peter Toh titled "Castle of Illusions" in his latest video called "Spricket24's Boobs". For those of you on some remote island who aren't familiar with Youtube, Nalts is one of their biggest home-grown stars, with over 31,000 subscribers and 617 videos. Basically, landing a track in one of his videos is almost like landing one on a cable tv! Many thanks to Nalts, and be sure to check out the video below...

Spricket24's Boobs

So we've got this NaltsGetsFit thing going...
And ChristopherMast wants Spricket24 to join our fitness challenge, where we take our shirts off on March 19. But I'm pretty sure she's a girl.

He's such a pig.

(Be sure to see the second half of video for "behind the scenes" footage which may or may not pardon Mast).

Anyone notice what's written on Spricket's arm in the photo?

Thanks to hiddentracktv and
Peter Toh for music:

Viral Video of the Day (3/3/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,

Dane Cook - Joke Thief?

Does Dane Cook steal jokes? You be the judge, but this really couldn't be more obvious to me. Here's a comparison of 3 of "his" jokes vs. 3 from Louis CK...

These jokes are all from Louis CK's early material by the way. It sucks because then you get idiots leaving comments like this..."Dane Cook is so much funnier than this guyy!!.. i laugh at every one of Danes videos, i didnt even know this guy existed, && i watched a few of his videos, and they're just not funny... at all." That's crap, he's funnier than Dane Cook, without question.

Here's Louis CK on a radio show rationally explaining what's going on...


Top 10 Coolest People on Earth

Dan Taft
Below you will find a list of the top 10 coolest people on earth. No more debate about this topic people- what I list below is final. So, without further ado:

10. Irvine Welsh - “Trainspotting” and “Porno” was the best book with sequel combo I’ve ever read- plus this guy wrote Acid House. Figure out how to get through the vernacular, and do yourself the biggest favor you’ve ever done for anyone and actually read these books. Magazines don’t count as reading by the way.

9. Jack Nicholson - From attacking that guy who cut him off with his golf clubs to telling the paparazzi he was going to “shove his face through the back of his skull,” I just can’t get enough of old Jack. Larry David once said that only two types of people wear sunglasses inside- blind people and assholes. Well he forgot about Jack Nicholson, who can actually pull it off without pissing me off.

8. Volunteers - I still don’t fully understand these people, as it seems they work for nothing. Better them then me, you know what I mean?

7. Women - Although they make us miserable about 28 out of 30 days a month, the other 2 days we actually have a shot at having sex. Now that’s a trade off I can almost live with.

6. Mos Def - He’s clearly the most talented person ever to emerge from the rap genre (rivaled only by Tupac). Incredibly intelligent, awesome style musically, and he can act his ass off. Give this man some damn respect O’Reilly!

5. Larry David - Creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm; pretty much the 2 best shows ever on television. Plus he’s a Jew, or as we call them, a Good Fella.

4. Hiro Nakamura - Well, he is a fictional character. But if he was real…

3. Conan O’Brien - Who doesn’t love this dude?

2. Frank Abagnale Jr. - Yes, he’s the guy from “Catch Me if You Can.” And he’s a real fucking person. If you’ve seen the movie, and by the way, that movie is supposedly extremely accurate portraying the things he got away with and how he did it, you know that this guy is just the man. Nuff said.

1. George Carlin - Okay, aside from his book “Napalm and Silly Putty” basically serving as my bible for a short period of my life, he’s just one of those guys who has it all figured out. And he loves pointing out that you don’t. Gotta love it.

I Was A Human Guinea Pig (Hooked on Drugs)

Peter Toh

Years ago, right after September 11th, I was slowly developing panic disorder. In the beginning I was terrified, didn't know what was happening, and I really thought I was dying or had a terminal illness. The worse it got the more I realized how common it was for people my age. People in general in the recent years had been reporting anxiety problems in record numbers. I'll spare all the painful details about what it feels like to have a panic attack, because it is that common. If you don't understand depression, or anxiety, or panic disorder it probably means you're one of the lucky enough people to have never experienced this feeling. Or you're one of those fucked up parents that thinks there kid is just a big pussy for not toughening up. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It's something you can't understand until you've felt it. Sheer Terror.

So once I found out what was wrong with me, I battled this every which way I could including homeopathic remedies, yoga, meditation, self medicating (various), and exercise. The darkness just grew. I eventually couldn't leave my bedroom. A couple times I heard voices and saw things, this made me accept my fate--I had to see a "professional."

I started by visiting my physician who prescribed me Xanax so I could go on touring with my band and performing etc. The first time I took one was in Provo Utah. I had a sensation of zoning out which actually triggered me to panic. I'm thankful for that because it made me cautious from the jump. I used Xanax really sparingly because I realized that when I had them with me, and had an attack, I would be able to make it through just knowing that I had them in my pocket. This helped and hurt me, I got so frustrated that a "mental" problem was so hard for me to overcome. I kept telling myself, "it's all in your head and you're tougher than this." But the snowball kept growing, and gaining speed too. I became depressed which was something I didn't understand until it happened to me. I wasn't sad it was something else. I was sick. My body broke down.

Second phase was visiting a therapist. She was a very kind woman and listened very well. She better be it was really expensive. She asked me all about my family and my life situation and how I make money and this and that. Then told me she thinks I have a chemical imbalance that causes me to have severe panic attacks. She explained what was happening in my brain and my body and assured me that 2 million Americans were now (2002) diagnosed with a form of anxiety disorder. So she referred me to a psychiatrist and said she'd like to see me take a drug called Lexapro, which she claimed had the least and most insignificant side effects. She was totally aware of my reservations against these drugs and assured me they would help more than they would hurt. Under the condition that I stay in therapy of course. Which in retrospect totally contradicts me having a chemical imbalance. My life was now in the hands of my doctors. I let them lead me. My mistake.

Next I went to a psychiatrist who sure enough prescribed me 10 mg of Lexapro daily. He even had some handy trial packets to get me started on hand. "Here's some free trials to get you started." He probably was given boxes of them and a nice golfing vacation by the company to get his patients started. He said (in not so many words) if I wasn't such a pussy I should start with 10, but since I am I should start with 5. He also concurred that there would be little to no side effects, surely none that would outweigh having debilitating panic attacks. A new guru that I must now follow. I was so desperate at this point that if a clown with those animal balloons could have sold me a solution.

I started taking Lexapro at 5 mg a day and soon moved up to 10. By the time I was up to ten I felt back to life. It basically stopped the panic attacks dead in their tracks. I proclaimed that they had saved my life. I went on taking them everyday and soon stopped going to therapy. It was hard to justify paying all the money to talk to someone now that I felt fine. The major side effects were sexual. I had no sex drive, it took a few months for me to feel confident again but I went on living. The longer I was on the pills, the more those nightmare-ish days became a memory. I went about life like it never happened and let the pills do their thing.

After two years I started noticing small changes in the way I felt. I started getting dizzy, and vertigo. I started getting sick every so often, vomiting for a few days and then it went away. I started feeling sad, not depressed but I would get attacks of sadness instead of anxiety, where I would cry for no reason.

After three years I had become a different person. Not even realizing I was not myself, I was now taking 20 mg daily. By not myself I mean I was unable to think positive. Bad but insignificant things would happen and I couldn't overcome them, or make any sense out of events. To me everything was meaningless now. I lost all of my self esteem and self confidence. I told myself how much I sucked at singing, how I lost my song writing abilities, and how I let down all my friends and colleagues. The self hatred just kept growing, and transferring to everyone around me was all the negativity that my new brain was generating. I say new brain because I'm positive that slowly the pills rewired my mind. The network that made my personality was now a whole other network. My good friends and family stuck by me, but I could sense their distaste in my attitude. As an adult I was able to realize my negative thoughts were just not me. As a child or adolescent (which these drugs are commonly prescribed to) I would have been too confused to understand that if I had suicidal thoughts, they weren't mine, they were those of Lexapro.

So after being told how luxurious these pills were, I encountered personality changes, suicidal thoughts, physical sickness, and constant vertigo. The panic attacks and depression were starting to return too, and a local clinic in Brooklyn told me I should try to bump it up to 30 mg a day. I decided to stop taking them all together instead. So I looked through the Googles about the best way to discontinue taking them and I found that there was an overwhelming amount of people experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms from them, that people who discontinue come down with "ssri withdrawal syndrome." I'm convinced that this is what the younger kids and teenagers go through when they commit suicide. That they can't handle the feeling that the drugs gave me, like the overwhelming hopelessness and low self esteem. I knew I was in for a ride. I slowly weened off until they were no longer in my system.

I got SSRI Withdrawal Symptom which no one ever told me about. Probably because they didn't know. The tests for long term usage were being done on the public. There were literally no warnings about this from either of the three doctors I saw. I couldn't move my eyes or head around, the vertigo was so bad. I vomited a lot had audio hallucinations when I was trying to sleep. It sounded like a snare drum being whacked inside my head. There was also a crazy electric shock sensation bursting through my brain down my spine every few minutes. This went on for 3 weeks. I found out that this can last up to 8 weeks.

Immediately after the drugs were out of my system, I could feel my personality coming back. I felt like myself even though I was sick, I really had a new perspective. I now have a very positive outlook on life and my confidence is back too. I am upset that I fell for it. I can't think of any other solution that would've helped at the time, but I know there's got to be a better way. I know there are chemical engineers and scientists with much credentials that have the ball in their hands but their hands in the wrong pockets. I was hooked on drugs. The dealers were acting as doctors or some type of guru. I was weak and they preyed on that. Just like the millions of other people in the world suffering from this modern problem.

No I don't have a solution, but I have a believe that the solution is out there and it's not this. Why is no one spending time or money to prevent these mental ailments or find the cause? Only BIG BIG money to "treat" them? Why are so many young people, who's minds are still forming, given anti-depressants for ADHD etc.? Why do most doctors have this on hand in free packets but have literally NO advice on how to live through it and rehabilitate your own mind? NO IDEAS THEY HAVE.

I visited a doctor when I got really sick one time and lost all the fluids in my body. He couldn't diagnose me, just gave me a shot to feel better so I could eat. He was a VERY prestigious doctor who my old managers brought me to in emergencies. He brought me in his office and said to me simply, "brain exercise." He said the pills were bullshit. He would never in a million years give his kids these mind altering drugs. Instead he decided to put his kid who suffered from ADHD through a series of left brain exercises to balance it to the right brain. He said he was cured.

I never got started on the balancing exercises, but the one thing that I now realize is the pillar of recovery is positive thinking. Seeing the good side of events however mundane they may be. Loving myself and treating myself right. This modern world is crazy. How could we possibly stay sane here in the future?

New Song "Hello Eyes" @

Yak Ballz Sunday, March 2, 2008

Scifentology II has been made available digitally on with an exclusive bonus track called "Hello Eyes" produced by Crillz McP that comes with it if you purchase the album.

Enjoy "Hello Eyes"

Viral Video of the Day (3/2/08)

Adam Schleichkorn ,


All I have to say is...Bitch, you better not have no brother!


Writing Is Hard

Dan Taft

So we’re trying to get this website thing off the ground (or on the top of the heap) or something signifying we’re attempting to be successful at this website hustle shit, nah mean? So pretty much every day, I’ll get an email, or a text message, or some sort of correspondence from Adam Schleichkorn, CEO of HiddenTrack TV, urging me to write something so we can make it big and I can finally stop fluffing for money (it’s a good business in Miami). Well guess what? Yes I want money; yes I want to be getting paid for doing virtually nothing; but what I do not, in any way, shape, or form, want to do, is write stuff. Writing shit is hard as hell. What the fuck am I supposed to write about? How about this- from now on, someone can write some funny shit, send it over to me, and then I’ll send it in to Schleichkorn and pretend that I wrote it. Then, when we do become rich and famous, I’ll hit that guy off that wrote some stuff (or all of my stuff) for me with some dinero. I’ll give him some American money too.
If you want to send me some writing clips and apply for the position of my do-bitch who will from here on write my blogs and get no credit for it, and possibly get some money a long time from now from Adam (not me), please email me at Thank you for your time.
Copyright 2010