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Writing Is Hard

Dan Taft Sunday, March 2, 2008

So we’re trying to get this website thing off the ground (or on the top of the heap) or something signifying we’re attempting to be successful at this website hustle shit, nah mean? So pretty much every day, I’ll get an email, or a text message, or some sort of correspondence from Adam Schleichkorn, CEO of HiddenTrack TV, urging me to write something so we can make it big and I can finally stop fluffing for money (it’s a good business in Miami). Well guess what? Yes I want money; yes I want to be getting paid for doing virtually nothing; but what I do not, in any way, shape, or form, want to do, is write stuff. Writing shit is hard as hell. What the fuck am I supposed to write about? How about this- from now on, someone can write some funny shit, send it over to me, and then I’ll send it in to Schleichkorn and pretend that I wrote it. Then, when we do become rich and famous, I’ll hit that guy off that wrote some stuff (or all of my stuff) for me with some dinero. I’ll give him some American money too.
If you want to send me some writing clips and apply for the position of my do-bitch who will from here on write my blogs and get no credit for it, and possibly get some money a long time from now from Adam (not me), please email me at Thank you for your time.


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