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Nalts Uses Peter Toh Track in Latest Video

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, March 3, 2008 ,
The great "Nalts", one of the top dogs on Youtube, was kind enough to use an instrumental by Peter Toh titled "Castle of Illusions" in his latest video called "Spricket24's Boobs". For those of you on some remote island who aren't familiar with Youtube, Nalts is one of their biggest home-grown stars, with over 31,000 subscribers and 617 videos. Basically, landing a track in one of his videos is almost like landing one on a cable tv! Many thanks to Nalts, and be sure to check out the video below...

Spricket24's Boobs

So we've got this NaltsGetsFit thing going...
And ChristopherMast wants Spricket24 to join our fitness challenge, where we take our shirts off on March 19. But I'm pretty sure she's a girl.

He's such a pig.

(Be sure to see the second half of video for "behind the scenes" footage which may or may not pardon Mast).

Anyone notice what's written on Spricket's arm in the photo?

Thanks to hiddentracktv and
Peter Toh for music:


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