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Dan Taft Wednesday, March 5, 2008
I have a new column, loyal fans, which I’m sure you’ve noticed on your own. I am making top ten lists of all of my favorite things, and then I am adding witty little comments next to them. I am so clever. Anyway, when I listed my top 10 comedians, I definitely forgot about Chris Rock, who I love, and Richard Lewis, and probably some other people who are equally as awesome. Sorry guys. And I also recently listed the Top Ten Cartoons Of All Times, foolishly forgetting to mention some classics like “Pinky and The Brain,” “Duck Tales,” “Muppet Babies,” “Tailspin,” “Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers,” and some other ones that even as I write this I am still probably forgetting. Well, I will continue to create these lists so we have a formal record of everything and when people look back in the future there will be a proper history for them to learn from. However, if I forget to list stuff that deserves to be there, I apologize in advance. You can always contact me through this site and let me know your feelings on my lists and if I omitted any of your favorites. Toodeloo!
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