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Peter Toh Saturday, October 13, 2007

DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy
Last weekend we had shows in Connecticut and Boston; fall in New England.

It started with me picking up the Sheik at the Philly airport and driving to the Rest Stop at Exit 11 to pick up Beetlejuice - I dunno, I guess he hangs out at truck stops for the free hand jobs. Of course he and Sean’s brother, Bobby, are on the South bound side and I’m headed North to Connecticut. It’s a bitch to cross lanes and when I get there Beetle’s yelling at me, “Wrong side, mother fucker!” just laughing that famous laugh of his.

After getting lost for a little we finally made it to the hotel. I got the Sheik and Beetle settled in and went to find Jim Florentine’s room. As soon as I get there Florentine comes running out. Our manager just got off the phone with Beetlejuice and called to warn us that Beetle was walking across the high way and heading to Outback Steakhouse alone. Like Frogger before him; Beetle made it. We found him at the bar already one beer deep. We were there anyway so we grabbed a table. Florentine told the bartender no more alcohol for Beetle, so, He drank O’Douls the rest of dinner. He still got buzzed.

After two shows in Connecticut we met up with Yucko and drove the rest of the way to Boston. We set up a booth, hung out with fans and put on a crazy show at the Roxy - Boston fans are the best (ie - drunkest). I brought out the Sheik and Beetle and everyone’s dying laughing. I ate blue cheese and chicken wings outta Eve the Queefer’s ass and the whole place went nuts. A fight broke out right in front of me and the crowd loved it.

Of course there’s drama backstage; Florentine told me that Richard Christy needed his money right then which set me off. Here is part of the video

Sunday on Miserable Men Kidd Chris called in. He invited us to come down to Philly For Monday Night Raw.

Yes, wrestling. We will never grow up.

Florentine told this story about how he got molested, when he was a teenager, by a grown man that would make him kiss him and sit on his lap to take “wrestling pictures.” One morning he went to Florentine’s house and he woke up with this guy’s hand in his pajamas. “What the fuck are you doing?” and the guys says, “I’m showing you a wrestling trick.”

So, Monday night we ended up heading to the WYSP studios to meet Kidd Chris, Thomas - his big, bloated, Asian side-kick also know as the Jackie Chan of radio and Constantine - who is the slightly retarded Star of the Kidd Chris show. Blake from sales caught up with us at the Spectrum. He pulled up in his sports car wearing a Mexican wrestling mask. After tailgating a few beers the mood was set and we took our seats; first row so you can really hear the snap of the ropes.

The security guards recognized us there, “Oh man, here we go again.” Not cause we’re handsome and famous, mostly cause we’re loud and angry.

The Rock Hard Killer showed up soon after with big poster board signs we made. They were cleverly disguised to look like pro-wrestling banners. Once the action started we ripped off the fake messages to reveal slogans like, “Kidd Chris is a Boy Toucher!” and “Bob Levy drinks from My Mule.” Needless to say the signs were confiscated shortly thereafter.

Tip of the day- Never sit on a grown mans lap for wrestling pics, even if you are a huge fan. The only thing that’ll come of it is a dirty old man grabbing your cock.

-Reverend Bob Levy

You can get more of the Rev Bob every Sunday night at 7:00 pm on his radio show Miserable Men, Sirius Satellite Radio - Howard 101.

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D.O.T. and Mysonne - "Da Bronx" Music Video

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Music Video for "Da Bronx," by D.O.T. and Mysonne produced by Da Treblemakerz. Video by Hidden Track TV.

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