A Quick Cheesing

Adam Schleichkorn Saturday, December 22, 2007 , ,
Intense, Fast-Paced Cheese to the Face.


Peter Toh - Wildlife Preview

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, December 20, 2007 , , ,
The first official glimpse into "Wildlife", the debut full-length studio album by Peter Toh, coming in 2008. The title of this track is called "Heroes" and you can hear the full version on Peter's Myspace Page at

"We all have super powers. We can use them save the world, or we can use them to destroy it. This was inspired by the relentless polarization of good and evil, the unheard cries of the truth under all of the propaganda, and the seemingly super human ability to betray even your closest family member." - PT


Music For Your Videos Part 2

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Go to
for Music that You can Legally Use in Your Videos! Music for this video titled "Shoes of a Beast" by Peter Toh, starring Lulu the Drama Prairie Cat.
We have a bunch of songs available already by...

Peter Toh
Yak Ballz
The Braves ft. Canibus
Chris Glover
The Sleeping Revolt
Mourning Hour
Altered Beast
Yer Mom
The Downtown Strutters
3 Days Later
The Yucks
And Many More Coming Soon!

Erin Cupcake Punches Dude In The Face

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Erin Cupcake Punches Dude In The Face on tour with Yak Ballz. Look out for Scifentology II coming out January 29th. Go to and Click Subscribe.


DamNation w/ The Reverend Bob Levy

Reverend Bob Levy
It’s that time of the year. No, not Christmas - fuck Christmas, everybody is talking about that shit - I’m talking about AVN.

Last week and the week before I mentioned my nominations for Best Non-Sex Actor and Best Comedy for Stood Up - my porno from Vivid. I planned to bring the whole crew out but AVN didn’t want Richard Christy and Benji on stage. Everyone was afraid that they’d do “something crazy” and since the whole thing is going to be on Showtime this year I guess everyone was trying to cover their asses.

Maybe I’ll do something crazy, I don’t think it is but a lot of people might be shocked haha. Look out - you heard it from me first.

Stern was a little pissed because he’s stood up for the porn industry all these years and now they were giving his guys the cold shoulder. Paul Fishborn heard us talking about it on-air and called into the show. He agreed to have all of us at the awards and invited Artie Lange to come down as well. So now me, Artie, Benji, Richard Christy and Howard TV will be in Vegas for a few days full of debauchery in Vegas.

I could use an award; some sort of recognition for all I endure. Even as I type this there’re 10 Mexicans sealing me into my ex-wife’s basement. She’s having work done to the house. Just in time - I’m moving out.

Come April I should be settled into my swank, new pad with Christine; my girlfriend. Finally I’ll have a little fucking peace and happiness. My life in the basement has been pretty pathetic and depressing. I recently took over as head writer for the Kidd Chris Show but it’s impossible to get any work done here. The Lexapro and Xanax have been working good to keep me focused but my doctor yelled cause I was taking too much. I told him I quit drinking so it all evens out.

I guess the real reason I’m on edge is we’re so close to the grand opening of my Comedy Club in Levittown, Pa on December 28th and 29th. Pat House and Jim Florentine are on board too. You can get a list of upcoming shows on my site. I’m off this weekend so I’m just gonna hang in with my son. New Year’s Eve I’m doing the Tower Theater in Philly with Artie Lange. Get your tickets now.

Tip of the Week - Watch out for Mexicans with nail guns.

-The Reverend Bob Levy

You can get more of the Rev Bob every Sunday night at 7:00 pm on his radio show Miserable Men, Sirius Satellite Radio - Howard 101.

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