Shortest Video on Youtube Part 6

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, September 27, 2011 , , ,
If you didn't like this one, sorry to waste a second of your precious time. If you did, then bitch yea bro, bitch yea!


A Cat's Thoughts on Ridiculousness

Mylo the Cat reviews the new MTV show "Ridiculousness" starring Rob Dyrdek.


Ultimate Cat Tease Part 3

Mylo the Cat gets angry when his producer breaks the news to him, that these Ultimate Dog Tease Spoofs are never going to go viral.


The Shortest Video on Youtube Part 5

Mylo the Cat thinks it's hilarious that these absurd videos have turned into a series.


A Cat's Thoughts on Hurricane Irene

Mylo the Cat discusses Hurricane Irene in a rational manner.


The Smiling Cat Part 7

For some reason, Mylo the Cat continues to keep this "series" of smiling cat videos going.


The History of my Youtube Failures (As Told by Mylo the Cat)

Mylo the Cat goes over the history of his and Hidden Track TV's Youtube Failures, showing each time that they almost became popular, and also finally providing an explanation on why he is so angry. This is a true story.


Worst Music Video Ever

Weird and terrible music video, ends abruptly and hilariously. Starring DT, aka the Worst Rapper Ever, and the Creepy Old White Rapper.


Shortest Video on Youtube Part 4

Mylo the Cat quickly shares his thoughts on Justin Bieber.

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