Mylo the Angry Cat Part 42 - Crushing the Little Guys

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, September 27, 2011 , , ,
Mylo the Cat discusses Youtube shifting heavily towards the corporate world, as big companies are now running individual Youtube Channels. He also talks about Cheezburger stealing his content, shouts out his supporters, and wishes he cheated back in the day.


Shortest Video on Youtube Part 6

If you didn't like this one, sorry to waste a second of your precious time. If you did, then bitch yea bro, bitch yea!


A Cat's Thoughts on Ridiculousness

Mylo the Cat reviews the new MTV show "Ridiculousness" starring Rob Dyrdek.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 41 - Youtubers I Actually Like

New Episodes Every Tuesday! Mylo the Cat reveals his deepest, darkest secret... He actually likes a couple of Youtubers.


Ultimate Cat Tease Part 3

Mylo the Cat gets angry when his producer breaks the news to him, that these Ultimate Dog Tease Spoofs are never going to go viral.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 40 - The CTFxC Army and Stuff

New Episode Every Tuesday! Mylo the Cat goes after the CTFxC army, as he responds directly to their hater comments. Mylo also updates his list of supporters, shows some fan pics, and reveals next week's episode.


The Shortest Video on Youtube Part 5

Mylo the Cat thinks it's hilarious that these absurd videos have turned into a series.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 39 - Hurricanes and Retirement

Mylo the Cat announces that he is not retiring, thanks to the support from his bitches.


A Cat's Thoughts on Hurricane Irene

Mylo the Cat discusses Hurricane Irene in a rational manner.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 38 - Retiring

Mylo the Cat contemplates retirement, due to being fed up from the lack of action, publishing glitches, and the fact that only 1/15th of his subscribers view his videos.


The Smiling Cat Part 7

For some reason, Mylo the Cat continues to keep this "series" of smiling cat videos going.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 37 - The Music Industry

Mylo the Cat abides by the requests, and for the first time ever, brings you some non-Youtube hate. In this episode, Mylo focuses on how terrible the music industry is, and attacks Lil Wayne, Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, Funkmaster Flex, and Niki Minaj. He also can't help himself from doing a little Youtube hate, as he lashes out against Esmee Denters, Cover Song Youtubers, and "Paper Planes" by Sxephil, CharlesTrippy, and DaveDays.


The History of my Youtube Failures (As Told by Mylo the Cat)

Mylo the Cat goes over the history of his and Hidden Track TV's Youtube Failures, showing each time that they almost became popular, and also finally providing an explanation on why he is so angry. This is a true story.


Worst Music Video Ever

Weird and terrible music video, ends abruptly and hilariously. Starring DT, aka the Worst Rapper Ever, and the Creepy Old White Rapper.


Mylo the Angry Cat Part 36 - Reality Check

Mylo the Cat talks about what people in the real world think of Youtube stars like Ray William Johnson, Sxephil, Fred, and BrittanyLouiseTaylor. He also addresses this Youtube subscription glitch, contemplates removing people from his supporters list, and gives you choices of who to hate on for next episode.


Shortest Video on Youtube Part 4

Mylo the Cat quickly shares his thoughts on Justin Bieber.

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