Dramatic Cat 2011

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, May 2, 2011 , , ,
Mylo the Cat continues to make a claim for being the most dramatic cat of all time. People may hate, and act like cats do this all the time, but Mylo is the only cat who has brought you drama every year since 2008!


Rapping Dog ft. The Singing Cats (Remix)

Since the Rapping Dog and Singing Cats have been spending a ton of time working on their new track, they decided to take a break and put together this remix. Starring Barry the Dog and Mylo the Cat, and featuring Cleo the Cat.

Song titled "Ain't No Love" by Solo for Dolo, off of the debut Full-Length Album by Solo For Dolo "The Truth for the Youth".


Kitty Talking!

Mylo the Cat is a kitty who talks and stuff. If you don't like this video, get over it, I got plenty of new stuff coming soon! Bitches.


Animal Responses - Drunk Gaming: Mortal Kombat by Alli

Mylo the Cat shares his thoughts on "Drunk Gaming: Mortal Kombat" by Alli. This is Animal Responses.

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