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Introducing the Ghost Faced Killa

Dan Taft Thursday, March 6, 2008 ,

So I was recently watching this video clip on this new site called YouTube, and the GZA was talking shit about Soldier Guy and Fifty Cents. And I thought, “word, GZA. You tell ‘em!” These buffoons today who try to kick that jive couldn’t hold a candle to the true rap legends that you and I grew up listening to. The RZA, the GZA, the Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef. UGOD, Ghostfaced Killa and the M-E-T-H-O-D Man! I think they left Masta Killa out of that one. Anyways, rap sucks. I’m not hatin’ my peoples, I’m just sayin’ that these young bloods out here today don’t know what you and me went through to make it possible for cats like Young Sneezy and Kwame to make it big in the hip hop hustle. If you watch my Behind the Music, you might start to understand that the Real MC’s like DT and the GZA had to pave the path with pavement and make pathways so these unappreciative bastards can make all this paper standing on our shoulders. It just ain’t right.
And speaking of ain’t right- what’s up with all of this dilly dallying recently? C’mon people, if we don’t hurry up we’ll never get anything done. The world isn’t going to fix itself. We need to get out there, really try hard and make a difference. We can do it if we work together and stay focused, but nothing is gonna get done at a snail’s pace. Now hurry the fuck up already!
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