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Nostradamus Predicted the Giants would Win the Super Bowl in 2008

Dan Taft Sunday, January 20, 2008

You heard it here first- not only will the New York Giants defeat the Green Bay Packers this weekend at Lambo, they will go on to defeat the New England Patriots, thereby spoiling their almost perfect season.

In related news, the New York Knicks have won three games in a row, and I predict they will win their fourth game in a row tonight against the Washington Wizards. It is clear now that all the Knicks hate Stephon Marbury and play much better when he is wearing a funny little boot. So long Steph- I think it is safe to say he has played his last game as a Knick. The Knickerbockers will finish this season with a record around 34-48, and will end up with the fourth pick in the draft, selecting Derrick Rose and becoming an elite team in the Eastern Conference (not much of a feat) once again.


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