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James Catusco in the News!

Well, kind of. James Catusco has received his first ever mention in a legitimate news source, The Northwest Herald, which is a newspaper in Illinois. Check out the story below...

Five on one: How bad are they?

TODAY’S TOPIC: How bad are they?

So the Bulls lost to the Miami Heat, owners of the league’s worst record (14-64), on Tuesday to end their playoff hopes. The Bulls probably feel bad because Miami is bad. But the Heat will get Dwyane Wade (above) and Shawn Marion back next season, and at least they’re not one of these five:

1. James Catusco. Who? Search YouTube for “worst basketball player” and you’ll find him. He’s, uh, not so good.

2. New York Knicks, 2002-08. Six seasons of losing, on the court of basketball and in a court of law, where last year the franchise was found liable for sexual harassment.

3. Philadelphia 76ers, 1972-73. They finished 9-73. They lost 20 in a row. They had the worst record in NBA history.

4. NJIT Highlanders. The 2007-08 squad went 0-29, a Division I record for the most losses without a win.

5. Washington Generals. They never figured out those Harlem Globetrotters and their wacky,

ball-spinning antics.

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