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Top 10 Hidden Track TV Videos (In My Opinion)

Dan Taft Wednesday, April 30, 2008 , , , , , ,
We are making strides my people. Please help me in my cause to get that horrid picture of me removed from my writer's profile on this very site. The Godfather is a cruel being who persistently tortures me with his photoshopped picture of yours truly, making me look much worse than I actually do (I'm great looking). FYI I will soon be working on a new CD, genre yet to be disclosed...
With Peter Toh on the brink of international fame, and Hidden Track TV at his right hand side, and Pizza Boy in tow, it is due time I list the top 10 vids that we have created (In My Opinion). The list hath been compiled thusly:

10. Sleek Balls - Sleek Balls I & II are rarely seen videos, due to the fact that their star is in an extremely high profile career (I'm not even supposed to be telling you this). The kid could have had a huge commercial career but instead decided on selling weapons and health insurance to La Costra Nostra.
*These Videos are no longer Available.

9. Behind The Music - When we were growing up in the slums of Long Island, there was this guy everyone knew who really lived on the edge. He was what you might call an "OG." Anyway, we did a Behind The Music piece on him because everyone thought he was about to blow up. Turns out he only blew up in DC Nepal. But regardless of what you might hear, DT was a real deal gangster and if you don't believe me, try to run up on him. That's what I thought.
Behind the Music Part 1
Also check out Part 2 and Part 3.

8. The Marijuana Series - These are great little commercial spoofs, and each one is better than the next. Check 'em out, but remember, they're always funnier on weeeed.
*These Videos are no longer Available.

7. Two's A Crowd - Another classic video that gets very little attention, this skit has it all. Solid writing, hilarious acting, and it even features the voice of Steve Harvey! How can you top that?

6. The Showdown - I've always said that the guy in the Knicks hat just destroys the Chef. I mean, take a look for yourself and tell me that this is even close. Probably the best dance battle I've ever seen- this video really makes you want to learn how to break dance. How do these guys do it?

5. Fire Featuring Peter Toh - High energy and on point. This song performed live is for real- check it out and realize what you are seeing is only the beginning.

4. The Worst Basketball Player Ever - This can now officially be considered an internet phenomenon. I don't care what Raja Bell says, James is straight garbage on the court. Remember Daytona son- you don't got shit on me. I'll be in NY this summer and I will take you out. But I still want to be in the James Catusco Fan Club.
*Here's Worst Basketball Player Ever (be sure to check out parts 2 - 4 too!)

3. The Cheese Incident - Spawned by the now infamous "Ham Attack," the Cheese Incident is a guaranteed hit, as you can't go wrong by filming people being hit with cheese while sleeping. Rednecks really seem to love this one. So does Maury Povich.
*Here's the short version...

2. Cats In Love - I bought my Lil' Mama CD today- did you? Well, this video has the original song by Peter Toh, and it is off the hook. Plus there's little kitties licking each other. Awwwwww.

1. Fence Plowing - Giant Fat Guy breaks fence. Simple and brilliant. Great musical choice compliments the video perfectly, and voila, 20/20, Fox News, NY Times, HiddenTrack begins it's climb to power. Kiss the Godfather's pinky ring or be chopped down by his mighty bagel knife. Triple decker PB sandwich anyone?

Side Note: The Breadman Infomercial was never properly edited to be internet friendly, but it is fucking hilarious. You can tell these 2 guys watched The State well before anyone else, so don't even mention it around them. Sol Muchnik's cameo is priceless- someone should really put this skit on the internet!


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