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Is It The Gear Or Your Ear? - Shure SM7

Peter Toh Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This week's review is more of an ode to my old favorite which I no longer have. It's not the first mic people think of when they look for a great all around mic, or for a high end vocal mic. Probably because it's an affordable mic, a little ugly and semi-dorky looking. Also it's a dynamic which is less expensive. It to me was priceless though.
I miss it because it was the happy medium to all my mic related issues. When a mic was too harsh on an amp or a shouting rapper or singer, the SM7 would always smooth out the ruff edges. When I sold all my other mics and that was all that was left, I was totally happy putting it to a kick drum then singing into it. That mic's honesty was my best policy. Never ever did I want what i couldn't have when she was on that stand. Why I sold it I don't know, but I want you back baby, and we will be together again.

Verdict is: It's your ear.


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