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Viral Video of the Day (2/25/08)

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, February 25, 2008 ,

BEIRUT - In the Mausoleum from The Flying Club Cup

In the Mausoleum is the 8th song from the new Beirut album called the Flying club cup. La Blogothèque filmed each track of this album in Brooklyn, and will publish each of them on a dedicated website. You can see them all at

This video was on the main page of Youtube the other day, but it's time was cut seriously short due to a guest editor, otherwise this clip would've been much more popular. I clicked on this expecting to hate everything about it, and was pleasantly surprised at not only how good the song was, but also the fact that the band was performing this live, and they were sick! The lead singer picks up a french horn, they got an upright bass player, even a violin player, nothing like the usual crap we normally see.

To top this all off, I don't know who the hell this La Blogothèque guy is, but he seems like he's the best camera man ever. This whole video was one shot, and it looks incredible. I usually could care less about that type of stuff, but he really captures every emotion of every instrument flawlessly.


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