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"Child" demo on myspace

Peter Toh Wednesday, May 16, 2007 ,

take a listen. this is another demo I put down on zachs latop into logic pro 7. I used a little handheld senheiser mic right through an mbox mini. the shittiest possible set up an ex-audio engineer could ask for. digi can eat a d!@# I'm all about logic nowadays. after climbing the steep learning curve I'm almost at the point where ill never use pro tools again. before I was with everyone else in the philosophy that pro tools is better for some things and logic is better for others such as actually creating music as opposed to just recording and editing it. at first logics recording and editing capabilities were confusing and seemed loose and inaccurate. I just wasn't used to so many options though. I love it now and the other day I opened protools at sneeds and I actually found the editing restrictive. even though I know its not.

so from start to finish logic made these two songs happen. the drums are all being triggered from the logic sampler with my own samples. on top of that I put a real bass direct into logic and use the plug ins that come with logic to make it jump. I also put the guitar direct and used guitar amp pro that also just comes with logic. all the other sounds and instruments came directly from logics built in synths.

the coolest thing for me is even after I recorded my bass and guitar I was able to freely change the key and tempo of the WHOLE sequence to match where I wanted to sing it. all I had to do was turn my audio regions into apple loops with apple loop utility which happens all within logic. after that it shifted with global changes to the song perfectly. that's what's up

back to the songs. "empire" and "child" they just sketches on the laptop that I put together in a couple days. these days its good enough for me. eventually these two songs will grow up into grown ups and end up in the abstract ratrace I call "wildlife"


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