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Another One from We Wore Masks

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, November 30, 2007 , ,
These dudes rule, and are some of the few who fully understands what myself and Hidden Track are trying to do. I can't thank them enough for the posts, so hopefully reposting it here, and all our other blogs will get them some more much-deserved traffic. Be sure to check out their blog at becuase they update pretty frequently, and they really do post some cool stuff...

Here's the post, which you can also go to directly HERE

so in case we didn't make it obvious before, we love peter toh. i honestly believe dude's doing something new and different in underground music (and being the tastemaker i am, i'm pretty sure i'm right). i also think that's why the masses haven't caught on yet. well, they will.. or they'll be missing out. make sure you don't miss out, and check out his new track (called "heroes") he posted last week on his myspace page. it's got so much soul, i'm pretty sure you'll run out of your front door and grind on the first person you see. he also posted a blog entry and bulletin post about us, which we pretty much screamed like little girls about. GET EM TOH.


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