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The Promoter - Episode 1

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, February 11, 2008 , ,
The brand new Original Web Series titled "The Promoter", Brought to you by the Killers of Comedy of the Howard Stern Show and 3rd Floor Films. This reality show follows promoter Sequoia Slentz as he puts together his first Killers of Comedy show. Also
Starring: The Reverend Bob Levy, Sal the Stockbroker Governale, Beetlejuice, The Iron Sheik, Shuli, and Richard Christy.
Co-owner of 3rd Floor Films, and the actor who portrayed the young Howard Stern in Private Parts, Michael Maccarone is thrown back into the world of the Stern show as the producer of THE PROMOTER.

For More go to the Killers Official Youtube Channel


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! That's so awesome...I do a little bit of music promoting, so I'll definitely be checking this one out...see what I'm getting myself into, right? These Web Series are so cool; it was only a matter of time before they started becoming so popular! I actually work for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and for the first time, the Academy is giving shows like Quarterlife and Prom Queen Primetime Emmy Consideration! You should check out for more info and help get these shows recognized as real television. What do you think?

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