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Two Great Write-Ups from We Wore Masks

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, July 28, 2008 , ,
The guys at WeWoreMasks always come through with great write-ups on every new track Peter Toh puts out, which they've done again on the latest 2 tracks "American Dream" and "Hollywood". These are both demo versions that are on Peter's Myspace Page (, and the Bears posted the write-ups within a day of each getting released! Many thanks once again to WeWoreMasks and be sure to check out their site for some great music.

From -

"American Dream"
peter toh is in the building.. feel him.

our favorite ex the stryder vocalist/guitarist turned solo artist is back with a new demo called "american dream". it's a bedroom/laptop demo that's definitely got some heat and is apparently a further evolution of an earlier demo called "sweaty night". this new demo is all about the chill. mellow and engaging, toh's soulful croon in tact.

give this one a listen, add it to your myspace profile, and get ready for wildlife.. his full length album that will be dropping sooner than a girl that says yes to soon.

our boy will also be dropping the title track from his album in the next week or so, so be prepared for some next level shit. HIDDEN TRACK, HOLLER AT YOUR BEARS FOR SOME EXCLUSIVES.

toh just don't stop. our boy's back with another new demo straight off the laptop and into your ears. give this one a listen, it's a different step for him.. but i'm definitely feeling the vibe. more upbeat, more diverse, still dope. get with it.

note to labels out there: pick this album up. this dude is a workhorse with a sincerity in his music that's lacking in most of the "artists" on your collective rosters. if there's anyone you should listen to, it's we wore masks.. bears have better taste than any a&r rep out there.
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